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Tanner Gordon - "Start Again"

Review by Abby Kenna

“Start Again” by Tanner Gordon is a wondrous motley of genres - the touches of reverb carry a modern indie sound while gritty, driven rhythms fuel the core of the song with pop-punk emotion. Gordon builds the arrangement with a striking display of interlocking guitar melodies, each layer beautifully contrasting and supporting the next. He stabilizes this captivatingly turbulent orchestration by panning each guitar to its little corner of the mix, letting one echoing arpeggio exist to the right, while a reverb-laden chord progression lies to the left. Amidst the colorful wave of sound, the drums provide a solid, driving pulse that urges the song forward.

Tanner Gordon’s vocals ground “Start Again”, living at home in the center of this whirling array of panned guitars. His voice rings clear through the middle of the mix, aiding the narrative tone of his lyrics as he walks us through this nostalgic story. Given the kaleidoscopic layering of the arrangement and the sheer complexity of all the moving parts, Gordon’s poised vocals masterfully balance out the track. This sonic and lyrical equilibrium allows listeners to easily visualize the scenery of “Start Again”, the picturesque field quickly coming into focus:

“There’s a field where I walk, at the end there’s a shop

With a hook to hang my hat and I go in

There’s a girl with a look like home and I sit down

And talk like we used to be old friends…”

The vivid imagery paints the cinematic picture of “Start Again”, inviting listeners into the story, while Gordon’s introspective questions and anecdotes lace the lyrics with a wistful and personal tone. This duality within the lyricism lets us listeners watch Gordon’s nostalgia and memories swirl through the indie-pop song like snow falling in a snow globe.

“It’s the way that she talks keeps your mind off the men

Who made you feel like you were nothing, nothing

Don’t she feel like home?”

Tanner Gordon’s “Start Again” is a carefully crafted indie-pop heart-wrencher, soaring with all of the striking, poignant lyricism and lush guitar arranging needed to be your new favorite song.


About Tanner Gordon

Tanner Gordon is a Singer/Songwriter from Edmonton, AB. In 2021, Tanner will be bringing it all back to where it started. The new album features Tanner’s signature melancholy lyrics and brooding acoustic undertones. At the same time “Start Again” pushes Tanner to new depths vocally, lyrically, musically, and stylistically. Pushing new boundaries and challenging the listener to think of their memories and how time shapes who we are. Since his debut album in 2008, Tanner has gone on to perform over 250 shows across Canada. Tanner has been the frontman of “The Unfortunates” since 2009, releasing 4 albums, completed a National Tour, named Sonic Band of the Month, and in 2020 winning “W.A.M Album Of The Year”

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