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  • Bryon Harris

Talia – “These Games”

Review By Brandon Watts

“These Games” off of Talia’s latest release Chasing Dreams is a high energy track that will have you wanting to get up and get your body moving on the dance floor. The track opens with bright, bouncy synths that have an island vibe as Talia vocalizes over them in the background with a pristine pop sound. As Talia kicks off the first verse with a melodic hip-hop flow, a deep sub-bass bolsters the arrangement as it builds up to the chorus. Hints of percussion linger in the background, eagerly waiting for the beat to drop. Just in this first small section of the song Talia grips her listeners and has you fully tuned into the music.

The instrumentals backout as Talia finishes the last phrase of the verse making for a dramatic effect when the hook hits and you hear the Latin drum beat drop for the first time. You cannot help but to move with the rhythm as Talia sings,

“Why you no, why you not why you no, why you no why you no feelin’ the same / Why you go, why you go, why you go, why you go, why you go playin’ these games”

Infectious and memorable the hook will undoubtedly stick with you after just one listen. Combined with the fact that the song is a quick 2:41, “These Games” has the special radio-ready quality that makes it easy to bump over and over again. With the easily relatable story of trying relationships and having to deal with partners “playing games,” Talia has made a modern track that’s perfect for today’s scene.


About Talia

Talia is an independent singer songwriter from Montreal, Quebec. Growing up in the outskirts of her city; Talia spent most of her free time writing music and dancing. 5’2 and 110 pounds of full sass. She’s all about making people laugh and keeping them entertained. Talia is on the rise and should definitely be kept up with!

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