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Taiya - '#instafamous' Ft. Soulja Boy & JBAR

Review by Matt Wong & Staff

Taiya was born in Chandler, Arizona, as Tia Lewis. Very early on, Taiya discovered her gift for singing and songwriting. Signed to her first independent record company at the age of 16 and her second at the 17, Taiya was already on the rise. Taiya’s talent has opened numerous industry doors. She has worked with industry heavyweights including SOULJA boy, JBAR and Ant Beale. Now, at 20 she has released her music on Raging Nation Records/INgrooves/Universal Records. Along with a hot new video 'L.O.V.E' filmed by Dale "RAGE” Resteghini. Taiya is a star in the making. A featured artist on National Indie Radio's Global Citizen Benefit, Taiya's song "#instafamous" has all the makings of a hit record.

The listener’s first impression of #instafamous will be that it has an outstanding melody. The song begins on the first verse with Taiya’s vocal leading in, followed by a staccato comping part on keys, and a light hi-hat and snare beat. The arrangement grows halfway through the verse with the kick and bass entering, and builds perfectly on the already tight and addictive groove.

The chorus then follows and is the highlight of the song, featuring great dynamics, textures, beautifully arranged and performed background vocals. The bass part plays a more prominent role in the chorus, and nicely contributes to the great feel of the song. Taiya's voice is radio ready and has that "it girl" quality. On this song, Taiya has Soulja Boy, and JBar guesting on the track. With impeccable flow and style, they provide a great timbral contrast to Taiya’s voice on the subsequent verses.

The lyrics in “#instafamous” highlight the prominence of social media in our society today. Taiya sings about how “you wanna snap a video. Pull out your phone…Instagram yeah tap me.” In the chorus she sings “Instagram famous. Show me all that love. Follow me right up and make me Instagram famous.”

#instafamous” is features a fantastic performance and hit production. Delivered by Taiya’s captivating vocals, the melody is the centerpiece to the song, and the rest of the track nicely frames and enhances it. With a song that gets listeners on their feet and dancing, Taiya's #instafamous could easily be the next big summer hit.

For more information on Taiya, please visit here Website. Listen on Spotify.


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