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Sunsets From Jupiter - "I'm Alright"

Review by Victoria Scott & Staff

Sunsets From Jupiter's song "I'm Alright" from their hard rock album An Alien Feeling emerges with a stellar sound. A soft, gorgeous acoustic guitar melody sweeps across your ears as Clay Kunego sings the wistful tune. As the song moves along, the sweet harmonies and a hard 70's rock beat hits the chorus.

The dynamic juxtaposition in the music rises fiercely as the rhythm section rocks out in glory. Lead vocalist, Clay; drummer, Andre Ahlborn; bassist Thomas Hicks; and guitarist, Danny Mitchinson yield a performance that is powerful with soft acoustic grooves and an intense rock beat.

Sunset From Jupiter incorporates their favorite genres, creating an ingenious combination of styles. The catchy beat and lyrics hit from the first strum of the acoustic guitar to the killer rock bass and drum groove. As Clay sings the chorus, "I can lie, to myself. All I want, but the sun. Will come out and trust me. I'm Alright; I'm Alright" , you can feel the rush of the beat, fiery lead vocals, and the softness of the gorgeous acoustic melody.

Fall back into Sunset From Jupiter's extraordinary artistry and outstanding musicianship. The band is a skilled and talented group of musicians. "I'm Alright" is deep, reflective, and upbeat which is accomplished by the perfect arrangement of rumbling basslines, booming drums, fiery guitar, and luscious vocals. The band's performance is innovative, authentic, and unique for an unforgetable rock music experience.

About Sunsets From Jupiter

Sunsets From Jupiter is an alternative rock band formed by Andrew Ahlborn on drums, Tom Hicks on bass and Clay Kunego on guitar and vocals in Middletown, NJ in 2018. Andrew, Tom and Clay had been playing together in cover bands and school projects for a couple of years when they decided to form a new band with all original music.

Drawing inspiration from bands like Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, David Bowie and Pink Floyd, they wrote original songs and recorded a self titled garage style EP in the summer of 2018. With new music in hand, Sunsets From Jupiter started playing local venues in Red Bank, NJ and Asbury Park, NJ.

Looking to fill out their sound, Danny Mitchinson joined the band full-time as a second guitarist in early 2019. With the lineup set, the band continued to refine its sound by playing more shows and writing new songs. In August 2019, the band entered the studio to record their full-length debut album, An Alien Feeling. The 10 song album incorporates influences from grunge, rock and even disco beats at times.


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