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  • Bryon Harris

SuNee – “Left Out”

“Left Out”, a sure-to-be hit song written and produced by SuNee, captivates listeners through intriguing production and slick vocals that will have you hooked on SuNee’s sound after the first listen. Kicking off the record, a whirling “whooshing” sound gradually builds, sweeping across the frequency spectrum while ambient synths lay down an up-beat progression to set the vibe. After the brief introduction, the beat drops along with a plethora of textural synth that gives the song an eerie, ethereal vibe with a pleasing kind of dissonance.

The highlight of the track, however, are easily SuNee's vocals. SuNee jumps on the track with a melodic, electro swagger that immediately entrances listeners through glossy phrases bolstered by vocal ad libs that hype up the sound. “Left Out” gives a personal look into SuNees life and relationships. Always on the move and grinding for more, SuNee raps about how those around her have the fear of missing out on the wave of her pride and the inner vibe she possesses.

“Feeling the / Feeling the vibe/ I got no feelings inside / You see me right now / I bet that I won’t go and hide / I’m celebrating with pride / I just might go take your shine / You don’t wanna be left out no / You just wanna be with me / You don’t wanna feel left out no / I got plenty to see”

Running at 2:50, “Left Out” is an addicting track that you can listen to on repeat with unique production that hits the mark making SuNee an artist that will fit in today’s sound but still stand out on his own. Make sure to keep up with the latest on SuNee by checking out the links below!


About SuNee

Born in Augusta, Georgia, SuNee is an alternative hip hop artist that creatively fuses her sound with elements of neo-soul. Building audiences in Florida and Georgia, her style of music has gotten the attention of Reebok, who hailed her as a “Rap Plug Ambassador” in 2019.

In 2020 she released new music, fitting for the current state of the world with the socially charged single “Guns Up”. Sunee’s voice and lyrical artistry shines through every song, whether it’s social injustice or maneuvering through life and love.

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