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Stella Nicole - "Somebody New"

Reviewed by Aaron Cloutier & Staff

I push play and, immediately, my ears pick up a pleasing interplay between acoustic guitar and mandolin as I listen to “Somebody New” from Country/Pop singer and songwriter Stella Nicole. As the song progresses the aforementioned come together with even more strings. Adding banjo and electric guitar into the mix, the instrumentals weave interesting sonic textures. The level of production and arrangement on this song is high and it shows.

I can’t talk about a pop song without mentioning the vocals and Stella delivers in full force here with a warm, open tone full of vibrato and expression. Her performance immediately pulls you into the story she tells of moving on after a heartbreak. I particularly like how the theme of drinking is brought up throughout, as if it’s a character in the story. You’ll see it pop up in lines like.

“Baby why you calling me up, acting like you ain't even drunk

It's been a good three months, doing better than I ever was.”


“I tried to drink you back, but loving you gave me a heart attack”

The chorus lyric says it all when delivering the grand statement.

“Sorry baby but I'm taken / Getting wasted with somebody new / After our breaking, I went crazy chasing after you / The strongest whiskey couldn’t drown out you / So I'm, replacing whiskey with some somebody new.”

These lines are decorated with sweet vocal harmonies that bring a distinct impact to the chorus.

Also worth noting is the fact that Stella handled not only the writing and vocal duties. but also the acoustic and electric guitars as well as all the drum programming of the track which is no small feat. It’s super impressive to see an artist take the reins, and be as hands-on with their art as possible in the Pop music genre which is usually flooded or diluted with too many hands on the song.

In short, “Somebody New” is a very well crafted, well-produced, and great-sounding pop/country tune. With a message that most folks out there who’ve ever loved and lost can easily relate to, Stella Nicole has a charting song on her talented hands.

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About Stella Nicole

South Florida-based Country-Pop artist, Stella Nicole, is transforming the country community by creating a captivating blend of modern country and pop with elements of trap beats. Florida native Stella Nicole grew up in Jupiter Florida where she started songwriting at the age of 13. Always wanting to be a singer, Stella joined many choirs, taught herself piano, and picked up the guitar. Thirsting for more, Stella took after her dream whole-heartedly and craved the ability to produce her music. She then attended Florida Atlantic University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Commercial Music Technology in 2020.

Today, Stella has not only become a well-known local musician, but she is now also a rising producer in the local South Florida scene. Influenced by artists such as Taylor Swift, Lennon Stella, and John Mayer, Stella captures the best of country twang with a matchless intermingling of pop sound elements. Through alluring bells, fluttering guitars, charming mandolin, and banjo, Stella’s songs captivate the listener into her world. Reflecting on themes of love, Stella gives you raw lyrics that appeal to the most vulnerable of experiences. Well-known for live acoustic performances, Stella radiates authentic passion through her live chemistry. Stella has performed numerous shows and open mics at local South Florida venues such as Dada in Delray Beach and Swampgrass Willy’s in Palm Beach Gardens.


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