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Steel Maggie - "Out Of Eden"

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Out of Eden” is a dark and complex pop banger that will have you dancing and singing along. This song features state of the art production techniques and an intensely layered backing track resulting in an epic-feeling song. The drum track expands and contracts expertly, alternatively creating space and thumping through your speakers. Haunting textures open the song and create an impressively focused soundscape. Vocals are served up on a silver platter, and the song is served well because of it.

Lyrically, “Out of Eden” is ultimately a song about freedom. Loaded with conflict and paradox, this song offers up the duality of the human experience over a glistening dance track. Maggie pens lyrics that are provocative and introspective: “Thought I was waking up in paradise / But was it paradise Cause it just didn’t feel right.” The track boldly opens with a poetic statement “My conscience doesn’t shower.” Listeners will be swept away by the free-wheeling nature of the chorus “On the open road I’m a freedom rider, And I just broke out of Eden.” Simultaneously hopeful and mournful…brilliant.

“Out of Eden” offers a musical narrative that is infectious for listeners. Choruses provide a truly uplifting, invincible feeling while verses offer a darker perspective. Vocal delivery and processing are amazingly intricate.

Maggie shines on this track with a full voice, belting away. The nuances of the vocal production elevate the song and place it firmly in the company of today’s top hits. “Out Of Eden” is a must-listen.

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About Steel Maggie

Bold, dynamic, and tough as steel, synth-pop artist Steel Maggie creates bittersweet dance-pop for the minimally sane, the moderately restless, and the significantly idealistic.

She made her independent debut with the EP release of Demolition Woman in 2018. Heavily influenced by Lady Gaga, Marina and the Diamonds, The Killers, and Christine and the Queens, her sonic landscape is a shimmering marriage of 1980s-reminiscent dance-pop and her love of dramatic, literary, and mythological themes. With powerful vocals and musings on self-worth, duality, addiction, and recovery, she delivers both incisive introspection and poignant revelations in every song.

As an artist with bipolar disorder, also recovering from alcoholism with 13 months of sobriety, Steel Maggie envisions her music to be an audio injection of pure inner strength and self-worth for herself and others. Singles “Warning Label” and “Holy Ground” were released in 2019 and 2020, respectively, which solidified Steel Maggie’s status as the self-appointed demigoddess of dance-pop.


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