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Stacy Jones - 'Love is Everywhere'

Review by Daniel HOyt & Staff

'Love is Everywhere' by Stacy Jones is featured on BWH Music Group’s new release, ‘On Peace Street, Vol. One.’ The compilation album is a collection of 19 original songs in various genres by today's best independent artists and songwriters. Sharing songs about peace and social justice, the artist's songs will ultimately remind you of the importance of peace, fairness, love and unity. Filled with meaningful lyrics and exceptional music, this playlist is an example of how music can influence, and even change, people, movements, and society.

Stacy Jones is a Seattle based artist who has been a part of the Blues and Rock scene since 2003 with her debut album, The Stacy Jones Band. She has won numerous awards throughout her career including 2018 and 2019’s “Best Band” award from the Washington Blues Society, and numerous other awards for her recent album, Love IS Everywhere. Jones has an impressive performance career as well: headlining festivals, touring Europe and even sharing the stage with artists such as Elvin Bishop and Lee Oskar, among numerous other legends. The song in question definitely shows the talents of Jones and why her career has gone so well.

“Love is Everywhere” is a blues tune with a rock kick. The song is like a mix between Sheryl Crow’s “All I Wanna Do” and anything off of the Beatles album Abbey Road. At nearly 3 minutes into the song it takes a turn almost reminiscent of Motley Crue’s “Home Sweet Home” and this is where the real drive kicks in.

Distorted guitar solos comes in kicking the song just over the edge of the cliff and bringing that hard rock sound to the blues, which is reminiscent to bands like Led Zeppelin or Cream who used blues riffs in their hard-hitting music. Stacv Jones and the stellar lineup of musicians on "Love Is Everywhere" keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.

Lyrically, this piece has a great message that is seldom heard anymore and Stacy delivers it with powerful, expressive vocals that could fill a stadium. “Love Everywhere” is saying that love is love, love conquers hate, and if you seek it out, you will find that love is everywhere.

It’s no surprise that Jones has taken a hold on the blues-rock community. Her music has a great message, she uses all the key blues chords of any great blues rock tune and she isn’t afraid to hit the audience hard with a surprising change here and there. Her career speaks for itself, and we can all look forward to hearing more of what this artist has to offer.


About Stacy Jones

Stacy Jones is no stranger to success. She has been nominated, multple times, for “Best of the Blues” awards in songwriting, performance, harmonica, and guitar. She won the 2019 and 2018 Best Band Award, plus nine other “Best of the Blues awards, from the Washington Blues Society including Best Female Vocalist, Blues harmonica, Blues Songwriter and the 2018 NW Recording of the Year for her album Love Is Everywhere.

In 2017 she was accepted in the first round of Grammy Voting for  “Best Contemporary Blues Album” and “Best Americana  Song” and was chosen to represent the South Sound Blues Association as the entrant for the 2018 Best Self-produced CD Competition at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis TN.  She has also charted on Roots Radio Report Top 40.

A dynamic performer and expressive vocalist, Stacy  has taken the stage at the Chicago Blues Festival, SXSW, juke joints in Mississippi, riverboats in California, headlined festivals, toured Europe and shared stages with Elvin Bishop, Charlie Musselwhite, Lee Oskar, and many other legends.  

For more information, please visit Stacy Jones' website.


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