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  • Bryon Harris

St. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club - 'Aina'

St. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club is a project based in Stockholm Sweden led by Jimi Sebastian (British roots via his father). The band released their first EP “900” in 2010 followed by “Lift the darkness” in 2012. In 2015 came the full length album “Epilogue.” Their latest EP The Vibe Recordings (November, 2019) was recorded and mixed at Vibe Studios Manchester (the Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Badly Drawn Boy). Off The Vibe Recordings, their single "Aina" is a great way to get acquainted with their unique sound, riveting storytelling, and engaging songwriting.

“Aina” by St. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club has that 80's Smiths feel, with a mix of indie rock and punk rock roots at it's core. The song opens with a slow drum fill into the main riff, which is darker than a normal minor song. The piano riff utilizes the flat 2 in the C minor scale, giving it that Phrygian sound. The vocals have a Bowie-esque tone, and when the chorus enters it becomes a Dropkick Murphy’s-esque chant song. The chorus transitions into Bb Major; however, chords such as the III major chord give the tune a little tension back into minor, which allows for a smooth transition throughout the piece. This is a group that presents advanced musicianship and composition skills that you won't find on mainstream radio.

This song’s story continues with a melancholy tone. The vocals are excellent, showing fantastic expression. The story is about the lead singer’s grandmother who had a rough childhood. Her parents had passed on, which is told in the line, “fever in mom, dad left with the gun.” Because of this tragedy, the kids were poor, and sadly the bank refused to help them. There are lines of pleas in the chorus like, “open up your heart, come let us in.” This is all a moot point to the bank; although, it becomes a story of triumph with lines such as, “I’m free, I’m Aina and don’t pity me.” The vocal tapestry and harmonies feel musical theater in approach yielding a larger than life experience that is moving and haunting.

The Swedish band St. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club certainly has a way of painting a tragic picture with great attention to detail. Little details such as chant vocals in the chorus really bring out the pleas of the orphaned children who just want to get back on their feet; the composition does this with such authenticity that the song plays like an epic novel with listeners on the edge of their seat, waiting to turn the next musical page.

With their mix of sounds and intelligent lyrics, St. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club does an amazing job at drawing you in and keeping you mesmerized from the very first note to the last.

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