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Sound Photographers – “Shade”

By Brandon Watts & Staff

Sound Photographers is a Philly based alt-hop group. Hoozmo and Indy James, the founding members, met at a show in 2017 and have been making a name for themselves in the independent music scene ever since. Influences like Talking Heads and Outkast inform their creative process and lay the psychological groundwork for the overarching theme of hope that resonates in their music. 

Sound Photographers indulge listeners with a funky, unique arrangement in "Shade." The simple bouncing bass line paired with syncopated drums make for a tight groove in the rhythmic section while ambient production of reverberant instruments in the background add an almost worldly element to the mix, something that gives their sound a truly unique quality.

In the verse, the vocals are doubled up for a bolder sound as they flow along the rhythmic phrases with light melodies occasionally splitting into harmony. “Shade” is all about going with the flow and not worrying about things that are out of your control. Exemplifying this message in the chorus they sing,

“The sky don't fear the thunder The night don't fear the day We're going where we going And we'll get there anyway.”

Building upon the free-spirited sound and message of the record, Hoozmo spits an uplifting and witty verse about finding your own path and working through all the commotion that is going on currently. The song ends with a unique rythmic outro.

“Shade” is a unique and creative song. With an artistic flare that is full of texture, Sound Photographers present a mezmerizing musical experience while spreading a positive message that we could all use during in these times.

For more information on Sound Photographers, please visit their website.

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