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  • Bryon Harris

Sonic Summer Pudding - 'Letter From A Friend'

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

Sonic Summer Pudding were formed in Brighton in 2016. The are described as "a sumptuous melodic confection of Rickenbackers, flute, mellotron, and a groovy rhythm section drawing influences from mid-late '60's psychedelic pop."

A friend that is miles away from their close companion sings a beautiful, pychedlic rock song penned, "Letter From A Friend", by Sonic Summer Pudding.

The intro opens with an ethereal flute and soft vocals that tickle your ears with delight. The bass and drum groove is tight and hits evenly with the vocals and distorted electric guitar. The flutiest: Lucy Finchet-Maddockt carries you off with a hypnotic melody, as Nick Flowers keeps the beat steady within the rhythm section. Songwriters Mark Richardson and Simon Young depict a deep soul connection. With each melodic and harmonic layer thoughtfully arranged, the composition is stellar.

We connect with people on different and deeper levels. “Letter From a Friend” tells a story of two friends that find themselves apart from each other. One friend moved to Australia and the other lives in England. The letter from the friend in Australia moves the friend in England deeply. Their connection is strong despite their distance. The only thing that is separating these two souls is, “A stone and the sky with a stream in-between.” The song continues to depict the love and compassion between these two soulmates.

“Sometimes I dream you're here with me,

Thats how powerful your words must be that's how powerful,

I can only send you my best wishes, Return address crosses for kisses.”

“Letter From a Friend” is profound and beautiful as it looks past surface connections. Mark and Simon have a superb songwriting talent with the ability to evoke deep emotions. Their sound, wiht it's 1960's psychedelic feel, wistful jazz flute, and soft vocals, completely mezmerizes. Their performance and execution is simply brilliant.


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