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Solomon - 'I See It'

Review by Anthony Nguyen & Staff

Coming from Indianapolis, Solomon is an R&B artist aiming to revolutionize music by infusing meaning and spreading love and happiness to connect people. Established in 2014, Solomon released of his debut EP, Alive N' Living, in August 2018. The artists recently announced his record deal with Independent Record Label, J Tizzle Muzic, Indiana, USA. Solomon has radio play statewide, nationwide, and even internationally, including a recent radio play deal made with Now looking to take on the world, Solomon sets out to make his vision reality, going from performing at local venues such as the Emerson Theatre, State Street Pub, and The Hoosier Dome, to eventually performing nationally, gradually building his mission of love for humanity.

With mesmerizing synths and a sultry vocal performance, “I See It” by Solomon is a heartful and soulful song. The rhythm section is especially solid, giving the song a rock foundation to rest upon. The bass and kick are a bit understated (in regards to the genre), but it really works because it gives the other instruments room to breath. The aforementioned synths are superb. The lead synth is extremely catchy, and remains as almost an afterthought in the background, providing a nice glue. With a crisp reverb and short delay, it’s mixed very well into the song. The real star of the show seems to be the vocals however. Intimate and breathy, Solomon seems to capture the raw emotion of mental anguish on which the song is based. His ability to engage listeners with his singing is what really gives this song its grit.

The song starts in an ethereal wash, with just the piano and synth. It does a perfect job setting up the first verse, which feels like a breath of fresh air in comparison the intro. The chorus is simply a blast to listen to. It is ridiculously catchy and combined with Solomon’s vocals it builds on the charisma that the verse already has and expands even further. There is some evidence of some serious production going on here. Synths and keys go in and out as needed in order to keep the song interesting and ensure there is never a dull moment. Vocal lines are sprinkled here and there to also catch the ear, especially in the last chorus.

The song was inspired during a time when the artist was in a very tumultuous period in his life. The song was not only meant to act as encouragement for Solomon himself, but also to acknowledge the pain that others are going through and to try and guide them. The message that it does in fact get better radiates throughout the whole piece, a mark of good arranging. This is beautifully conveyed through the lyrics, “Don't give up, don't drown, Just wait the storm out, Just wait to see the beauty when it breaks.”

With a message so powerful, it gives the already stellar song another dimension to explore. The production choices made throughout also reinforce this theme, from the vocal performance to the mixing, to even the choice of instrumentation. With a superb lead vocal, a relevant message and excellent arranging “I See It” by Solomon is a standout achievement in songwriting.

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