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  • Bryon Harris

Sohayla Smith - 'Burn it to the Ground'

BWH Music Group’s 'Keepin' It Country, Vol. One,' by Various Artists, contains an eclectic mix of 17 songs by today's best independent country artists and songwriters. Off the compilation, Sohayla Smith's "Burn it to the Ground' is on fire.

A capella singing (singing without instruments) in unison starts Sohayla Smith’s “Burn it to the Ground.” The sound of multiple voices, sung like a choir, draws you in and keeps you on the edge of your seat. “I' m gonna burn it to the ground, this thing called love ‘cause it's been dragging me around and I've just about had enough.” Acoustic guitar, keys, and a strong walking bass line, along with finger-picking elements, makes for an exciting alt-country mix. Hints of blue-grass give the song an organic-grown flavor. As the song unfolds, different musical landscapes develop, forming an engaging arrangement that steers away from basic formulas. Performers are: Sohayla Smith, Adrian Smith, Nathan Smith, Nick Ovington, and Tyler Reed. The drums build up as Sohayla sings,"I'm tired of arguing with you ,till i'm blue-faced and I'm tired of fighting for my right to not be disgraced. I'm tired of standing here alone caught in the crossfire of who I love and what I know. " These are powerful lyrics that express self-preservation and inner strength.

The catchy chorus is an all-out sing-along with a strong, infectious hook that will have you singing it long after the song plays. The ending to "Burn it to the Ground” is superb. The chorus is repeated with clapping and layered harmonies. It’s exhilarating.

“Burn it to the Ground” isn’t about burning anything – it's about the process of self-reflection and cleansing your life from a toxic relationship. It’s a song about healing and moving on.

Sohayla Smith is an extraordinary artist who weaves intricate instrumental arrangements and raw emotion into exciting songs that perk up your ears and your soul. In "Burn it to the Ground" Sohayla Smith shows that her songwriting and music are hot with creativity. This catchy song will stay lit long after you hear it. 'Keepin' It Country, Vol. One' is available on all major digital outlets. For more information about the album and artists, visit BWH Music Group.


Born in Toronto and residing in Shelburne, Ontario, Sohayla Smith is a rising international, award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter with a diverse musical palate.  Sohayla recently won Best Country Recording with "Burn it to the Ground" in the 2018 Clouzine International Music Awards. Her band was nominated for a 2017 TIMA for Best Country. Her single "Bridges" was a Roots Grand Prize Winner, awarded First Place place in the Americana category. "The Breakdown" was the November 2017 Pop Winner on OurStage where she is currently at the top of Best Country Artists charts.

Sohayla and her band are known for their engaging live performances. They were headliners at the Rockwood Music Hall in Manhattan, New York, the 2018 Peak to Shore Music Festival, and the Singhampton Small Hall, Simcoe Street Theatre's 'Music for a Sunday Evening Concert Series'. Sohayla is featured in the MoD (Museum of Dufferin) main exhibit titled True Grit where she opened the exhibit with a live trio performance. She was also a featured performer in the Collingwood Arts 7 Culture Awards in 2016.

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