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Sofia Evangelina - 'Endure'

By Abby Kenna & Staff

“Endure” by Sofia Evangelina is a battle cry. The very music itself radiates power, and Evangelina’s determined delivery perfectly expresses the song’s message.

“Endure” beams with strength from the first lick of the guitar. A haunting synth builds the atmosphere of the track, pulsing in the background to lay the groundwork for a sharp trap beat. The bass is sturdy and concentrated in its roaming refrain, adding an element of robust depth to the mix. There’s a feeling of cinematic drama in the arrangement that embraces the message of the song. You can almost see a pivotal movie scene playing out within this song, wherein the protagonist steels themselves to bravely launch into battle. “Endure” is the sonic encapsulation of this courageousness, the tenacity flowing through the arrangement and the lyrics:

“Swimming with the great whites

They can take a bite…

I’ll put up a fight.”

Sofia Evangelina’s voice is the heart of the power within “Endure”. Her tone is vivid and bright, but simultaneously tinged with richness. Her vocals are multifaceted and almost kaleidoscopic, saturated with vibrancy as Evangelina plunges into low, grounding motifs and lifts into lofty riffs. She traverses these compelling melodies with R&B flair, invoking blues scales to infuse the notes with strength.

Sofia Evangelina’s surefire approach to her vocal delivery greatly enhances the expression of her lyrics, as it’s easy to latch onto her determination when it is so tangible in the writing and music:

“Sand is quick but I’ll still stand

Pull myself out with my own two hands…

I know that I am a lioness

This ain’t how my story ends.”

“Endure” is a tenacious anthem for everyone facing obstacles and seemingly impossible challenges. Sofia Evangelina wholeheartedly embodies the power within the music, using her dynamic voice to create an example of bravery, encouraging listeners to embrace their own courage.

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About Sofia Evangelina SofiaEvangelina is a budding teen R&B/Pop singer-songwriter from Canada, known for her powerhouse vocals and charismatic stage presence. At the tender age of three, Sofia showed a natural talent and desire for singing and performing and was even nicknamed amongst her early audiences “mini Christina” for her big vocals resembling the vocal style of Christina Aguilera. As she grew, she found inspiration everywhere, from the operas of Andrew Lloyd Webber to Motown to the vocal stylings of Whitney Houston, Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Etta James, and Nina Simone, while discovering and mastering her own voice. At 14, Sofia released her debut album and single, and went on to win “Best Album” at Young Artists Academy’s 40th Annual Awards Gala in Hollywood for her debut material and shortly after became the recipient of The LA Music Critics "Rising Star Award" amongst many other awards and nominations. In 2019, Sofia released 'Smile' and most recently, ENDURE both produced by Roy "Royalty" Hamilton III (Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Joe, etc) ENDURE is a significant milestone in her career as it manifests the emergence of her own sound and a sonic brand described as being “old soul but with a futuristic mind and an urban spirit”
 Now ventured together with an award-winning production team, Sofia relentlessly works on forthcoming new and epic material and hones the craft of songwriting and performing. Five new epic songs are already slated for consecutive release in 2021-beginning 2022 which Sofia believes, will deeply resonate with her audiences and empower them. With Sofia’s incredible vocals, introspection, and personal magnetism, she proves she is one to watch.

For more information on Sofia Evangelina, please visit her website.


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