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Snowflake Generation - 'Wake Me Up'

By Brandon Watts & Staff

Snowflake Generation are a 5 piece indie/rock/pop band from Birmingham UK. Band members include Callum Coyne, vocals/lyrics; Kealan Fowkes, lead guitar/backing vocals; Lewis Smith, guitar; Foli Amuzumonlaw, bass; and Antony Tonks, drums. Formed in September 2019, the band seamlessly mixes influences from the 1975 to the Foo Fighters yielding catchy relatable lyrics with an in your face musical sound full riffs and drums fills. A great way to get acquainted with Snowflake Generation's undeniable talent and mind changing music is to listen to their latest single, "Wake Me Up."

Wake Me Up” opens with lightly distorted, electric guitar arpeggios layered over droning chords that are split panned to create a big sound on the stereo image. Soon, they are met by the pristine timbre of Callum Coyne's vocals as he begins the first verse. "Trapped in a world that is constantly burning." Coyne's vocal presentation is intensely introspective which keeps you glued to every word he sings. The energy grows gradually throughout the first verse with the vocals getting more and more emotive. The vocals and guitar fade out at the end of the verse leaving only a brief moment of silence for dramatic effect before entering the chorus with a huge sound.

Doubled vocals make for a heavier timbre as the guitars split into higher and lower registers playing complimentary licks. The additions of rocking drums and steady bass tie together the rhythm section turning the song into a jam you can bang your head to.

"I don't believe it Your words are deceiving Caught up in your point of view And I don't like what I'm seeing Said I don't believe it Please tell me I'm dreaming When it's more of a nightmare And I want you to be there so wake me up."

"Wake Me Up" is a political song that looks underneath the surface. The song commences with the idea that there are too many unanswered questions. Do we believe what is reported and choose not to see what isn't reported? "Wake me Up" is a call for an end to deception and pretentiousness. People are hurting and self importance has to give way so that hope can rise.

The political term "snowflake" was used to typecast a generation deemed as over-sensitive during the 2016 political campaign. If over-sensitivity means emotional intelligence and empathy, then bring it on. Snowflake Generation is a band full of emotional and musical intelligence. In fact, they could be the UK's next "it" band and what the world has been waiting for in a rock band. They have the right ingredients: a tight band, a great front singer, poignant lyrics, and music that has the power to wake you up.

For more information on Snowflake Generation, please visit their website. Listen to Wake Me Up on Spotify

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