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  • Bryon Harris

SnapDibz – Memory Lane

Review by April Kranz & Staff

Hip hop is, in my humble opinion, one of the most versatile genres in existence. Hip hop can be used to provoke an image of riches and royalty, to create rebellion and resistance, and yet, some of the best hip hop songs are always about love or loss. SnapDibz, with the aid of 505 Studios and his collaborator Rey, tells the story of heartache, grief, and nostalgia.

Inspired by losing a partner-in-crime to cancer, the track opens with moody piano, and Rey’s mourning vocals, kicking us off with our hook. We build with dramatic percussion, and a bouncing bass, and atmospheric swells. SnapDibz blasts in to give us our backstory, telling the story of a close friendship in school. As time passes and memories are shared, the protagonists’ partner reveals her fight with illness, and he reminisces on their long-lost days of car rides and shared smiles. Rey delivers his heartfelt hook underneath as SnapDibz laments through his words.

“You were always sitting in the passenger seat with me, Feet up on the dash navigating the streets with me, So cool, beautiful, unique in your style, Shining like some diamonds, I called you my Argyle One day I noticed you weren't focused but you said you're fine, I read between the lines and I knew you were lying, Looked up teary eye and you cracked a crooked smile, Told me that the cancer's growing faster that you're out of time”

SnapDibz gives us a taste of his emotions and thoughts, while also sampling his technical prowess in songwriting and cadence. Memory Lane is a fine edition to 2022’s latest releases and is a testament to both the adaptability of the hip hop art form and the talent of it's creator. Look out for more of SnapDibz’ and Rey’s collaborative project, we sure will! Tell us where fans can access your music.

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About SnapDibz

SnapDibz is an independent American born Indian rapper. After years of creating underground music with DJ Dibz, Snap took the music globally alone with his first professional EP released 2/2022 titled "Levels." The EP did just that, took SnapDibz to another level with hits like the hip-hop banger "Masterplan" and the Top 40 sounding "You and I."

SnapDibz continued to create track after track showing versatility and his unique style in wordplay and delivery. The clever vocals, relatable lyrics about self and life, and the trend to keep the lyrics clean help differentiate SnapDibz from other artists. "Unbreakable" brings a unique sound with it's hint of middle eastern/Indian elements in the instrumental with the sitars and tablas. "Done Believing" is another single that's made waves across the globe, often being compared to Eminem and Rhianna's "Love the Way You Lie." More recently Snap has been working on a collaboration project with the talented vocalist Rey Khan. The first release from this project, "Backwards in My Head," remains the most streamed SnapDibz song to date. "Rivals" and the most recent release "Memory Lane" are also welcome heartfelt tracks from the project. Stay tuned for the next release titled "Sometimes" hitting platforms in March 2022.


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