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  • Bryon Harris

SLT - 'The Wave'

Review by Aaron Cloutier & Staff

Clean guitars playing counterpoint melodies while occasionally coming together to harmonize sets an ear catching and somber tone during the intro of “The Wave” by SLT.

Initially, I thought what would follow would be a straightforward backbeat, but to my pleasant surprise, the song erupts into a quasi hardcore breakdown style with a half time vibe. It's at this point that I realize that the term “Hardcore Rock” is more than appropriate to describe SLT’s sound.

It almost sounds like a more radio rock friendly version of A Day To Remember, with the pristine pop punk style vocals, half time grooves and soaring guitar overdubs. I was completely knocked off my seat to hear the occasional scream as well. Kudos to the band for keeping it hardcore both musically and vocally. Yes!

The arrangement of the song is interesting as well. Brief departures during the verse include sustained notes drenched in a reverb tail encircling finger snaps that serve to break up any monotony before launching into the double kick laden chorus.

The bridge adds some nice variety with the tempo shifting to a double time feel and incorporating a post-rock guitar solo. I actually thought I was going to hear a final chorus here but it ended immediately after. So again, an engaging twist.

In short, if you’re into bands that harbor a hardcore vibe but deliver it in a rock/post rock aesthetic and always keep you at the edge of your seat, then SLT is one for you to check out.

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About SLT

SLT is a Chicago rock band that was started by Matt Bialk (guitarist/lead vocalist ) in the year 2000. Matt enlisted the help of drummer Brian Vinson and bass guitarist Greg Klemm, and together they wrote music and toured the Chicago region for the better part of 6 years. At the back end of this run, they met guitarist Billy Rasch who joined SLT for the final years of this first run. In late 2006, the band took a hiatus to solidify their careers and start families. Then in 2016, the band met for a "practice just for old times." This practice would lead more practice sessions until the band was back at it. By late 2019, SLT recorded their first legitimate studio EP, Insight, which garnished radio play and YouTube support. Currently, the band looks forward to playing live shows again and continuing to release music regularly.


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