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Simone - 'The End of the World'

Written by Sylvie Marie & Staff

Simone is an up-and-coming 15-year old singer-songwriter from New York City who is polished beyond her years. She was discovered at an open mic night in NYC at the young age of 13 and recorded kand released her first EP called "Stories In My Mind" in 2017. In 2019, she released 2 follow-up singles and a music video for the song "Monsters." She's off to a strong start in 2020, with 3 more singles and her second EP entitled "To Be Honest" produced by Danny Ross (Cheap Synths) out March 20. A great way to get acquainted with Simone's undeniable talent is to listen to her remarkable single, "The End of the World."

“The End Of The World” is an up-beat anthem for the younger generations about feeling unsure about the future and the anxiety of uncertainty which can sometimes feel like the world is crashing down. Rocking rhythm guitar, bass, and drums are bolstered by ambient production that when combined with Simone’s pure vocals make for a killer track and radio-ready pop sound.

The verses showcase a mellow, smooth side of Simone’s voice that entrances listeners. Reaching the chorus, the arrangement explodes with energy and Simone grabs your attention, jumping into her higher register with powerful, belting vocals as she sings,

“There’s a miscommunication, glitch the simulation/Don’t you wanna know, don’t you wanna know?/ It’s a simple complication, everybody’s wasted / We just wanna know, we just wanna know / Can we come home or is there a lock on the door?”

The vocal melodies are dynamic and compelling, keeping listeners fully engaged as Simone seamlessly transitions from high-octane phrases to gentle motifs. As the record progresses, additional layers of vocals and harmonies join the mix keeping each section fresh and different from the last.

This song was written and performed by Simone with help from producer Danny Ross. Simone is an artist to watch and a young star in the making who can stand side-by-side any pop star today.

For more information on Simone, please visit her website.

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