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  • Bryon Harris

Silent Fury Band Feat JazzRock – 'Violence Against Violence'

Silent Fury Band, created and led by JazzRock whose lyrics and writing style has been compared to great poetic artists as Jim Morrison and Portishead with a vocal tone ranging from Courtney Love to Patti Smith, are on a mission to deliver powerful messages that create real change on global issues such as Violence, Economic Inequalities and Transhumanism. JazzRock and Silent Fury have 30+ original songs and are currently producing a full 5-song EP , song by song to be completed and out on all streaming channels by New Year’s Eve 2020. They are also then producing an entire Rock Opera for the Takashi Comic Book with 6 additional songs to be performed in 2021 in NYC.

The Silent Fury Band featuring JazzRock put on a memorable and emotional performance on their song, “Violence Against Violence.” Kicking off, a busy instrumental arrangement of wailing guitars and syncopated bass and drums capture the ever-stirring emotions and unrest of the American populous. As the lead guitar fades out, JazzRock’s vocals passionately depict the violence and it's ripple effect on the world.

“People dying / Lawlessness / Hopeless / Sadness violence / Angry so angry / From the black / To the white / To all in between / So angry / One man dies / A thousand dive in / Feel his pain / To feel his pain / Not understanding / The ripple effect / That will come / From all this violence.”

Through each vocal passage, the arrangement shifts in dynamic to showcase different moods and emotion keeping listeners engaged through rocking, heavy, punk-fueled jams that embody our frustrations, to softer delicate sections that act as a rallying cry to come together. Never a dull moment, Violence against Violence, demands your attention keeping your ears locked in with unpredictability and edge-of-your-seat intensity and anticipation.

JazzRock kills her vocal performance with undeniable authenticity and confidence. JazzRock is a singer who is motivated by both the music and the message. “Violence Against Violence” is a call to everyone to stop condoning violence as a means to achieve peace. The ever-commanding performance of JazzRock and the Silent Fury Band get this message across with a stellar performance. Make sure to connect with JazzRock on social media for more information on the song and future musical updates!

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