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Sherie Davis - 'Bottom Line'

Review by Tempestas Ink

Normally, when people talk of near-death experiences, the listener tends to usually soak in every word with rapt attention; there is always a note of solemnity injected to the proceedings – the prospect of the unknown and crossing over to the other side is something mankind has forever invested his thoughts and soul into. Now then, what if one puts the above into song, a light folk-rock song no less? Would the aura be retained? Well, Sherie’s ‘Bottom Line’ manages to do just that, apart from making it sound gallopingly catchy and easy-going.

The hook performed over the mandolin (courtesy Mark Alciati) right at the beginning of the guitar-driven number is enough to arrest the listener’s attention and keep him engaged throughout. And then, there are the lyrics themselves. Written about an encounter with a man who had a near-death experience (“Fatal crash after seventeen, Brought back to life after that”) and the chorus quoted and written from his perspective, the lyrics are well written so as to cite a deeply solemn experience without making it sound overtly preachy. And that makes it a surefire winner to the hilt. And the musicality and chordations are the reason why.

Alternating between D major (for the storytelling parts in the verse) to D minor (for the thought-provoking parts in the chorus) works really, really well to maintain proper balance throughout the song without letting the listener’s attention dwindle. And Sherie’s vocals hits the bull’s eye in that it amalgamates the storytelling with the solemn parts with her impressive range, dynamics, and expression. One needs to listen to the line, “We’re all gonna cross over to the side..” to understand and connect with the words, without once getting the feeling of being talked down to.

The subdued and easy-going mids of the verse, and the high of the chorus, with the backing vocals emphasizing the lyrics at all the right spots, not to mention the anthemic lift right at the end, make it one song the listener might want to go back to, and listen again. Very few songs have that quality of bringing back the listener again and again, and yet making him feel as though he has discovered something new with each iteration. ‘Bottom Line’ has got that capability.

On the whole, ‘Bottom Line’ is delightfully inspiring and thought-provoking, and an excellent way to invest four minutes and eight seconds of your life-span towards. And take another four to enjoy the warmth of those guitars provided in tandem with Sherie’s lush and uplifting vocals.


About Sherie Davis Releasing her first album, My Heart Returns To Me, in 2021, singer-songwriter, Sherie Davis, has created a substantial work of uplifting, heartening, and inspiring songs that explore life’s deepest questions. Sherie is known for her soaring melodies that range from angelic high notes that dip down to satisfyingly earthy low tones. Her flute playing supports her vocal with an other-worldly purity. Sherie’s socially conscious lyrics explore thought-provoking topics such as life after death, hard life lessons, and living in our challenging world of unprecedented events.

Her music has been described simply as light-filled folk rock for a hardened world. In addition to her own vocals, rhythm guitar, and flute, Sherie brought together a lineup of talented musicians including Jesse Rhodes, multi-instrumentalist, recording engineer, and co-producer, and Mark Alciati, mandolin and lead guitar player, and many other talented musicians and friends. The combined efforts of these skillful musicians has created a sound that has landed both the album at #13 and Sherie, as an artist, at #21 on the FAI Folk Chart for folk radio for January 2023.

For more information on Sherie Davis, please visit her website.


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