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Shaney Poo - 'Pretty Brown Eyes

Reivew by Ionas Finser & Staff

Artist, songwriter, performer and producer Shaney Poo has released his new single and music video titled "Pretty Brown Eyes" off the album, Touch By An Angel. The theme of the video is the simple concept of minimal aesthetics and beautiful people as Shaney Poo and model Miek Perez make an appointment with Kriket Smith for a photo-shoot. The music video was directed by Colorwave Studios and filmed and edited by Jona Tata.

Shaney Poo’s “Pretty Brown Eyes” opens with a groovy Dance-hall rhythm featuring crisp snares and hi-hat rolls that would make Metro Boomin' himself jealous. Subtle, panned guitar chords are layered on top, and an uplifting string pad motif completes the beat. We’re four bars in and it’s already apparent that this song doesn’t mess around.

Shaney Poo comes in with a repeated chorus, featuring his smooth voice, illuminating the subject of the song. The artist then continues to prove his gift for creating catchy, memorable lyrics throughout the following verses.

“Skin brown like the color of Apartheid, / She’s the type of lady that can take you to the far side”

The Video is first-rate, showcasing Shaney Poo's talent and charisma. This is an artist who has universal appeal on the radio and on the screen. He's a natural talent who makes writing a hit song seem easy. The video was written and produced by Shaney Poo. It was directed by Color Wave Studios' Videographer Jona Tata. The two stunning actresses are Miek Perez, in the feature role, and Kriket Smith, playing the role of photographer. The sound/studio engineer is Devon Aviles.

In today's music scene, videos play a large role in reaching new fans and conveying a song's message. Shaney Poo goes all out with his videos, giving fans a visual treat that feels made-for-tv. Miek Perez is absolutely stunning as she showcases her "pretty brown brown eyes." The video captures the song's playfulness and sex appeal with fun and class.

A love song through-and-through, “Pretty Brown Eyes” betrays Shaney Poo’s infatuation with someone who is one of a kind in his eyes. Inevitably, the listener will fall in love with this track as much as the artist has fallen for this girl.

“Pretty Brown Eyes” is a well-thought-out, creative masterpiece that speaks to Shaney Poo’s roots and delivers captivating, flowing lyrics. I don’t see why anyone would hesitate in adding this song to their heavy rotation right away.


For more information, please visit Shaney Poo's website.

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