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SeeMeBeamon - 'Last Call'

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

SeeMeBeamon reminisces about old flames in his fiery trap song "Last Call." The booming sub-bass, intense hi-hat, and funky keyboard set the tone. He lays down his verse as the phone receiver hums in the background, and the bass beat picks up the groove. The chorus hits with a strong electronic melodic beat and hypnotic bass. The production on this track is energetic, and the lyrical flow is ecstatic.

"Last Call" is about SeeMeBeamon missing his ex-girlfriend and thinking about the sweet moments they had together. The phone receiver hums in the background as he tries to call her for the last time. The pain he's going through after the mistakes he has made is tearing him up inside. As he raps, "I went too far; this is the last call. For You, cannot put my Self in stress babe. This is the last call for you. Can I put my baby left and I couldn't sleep (naw)." He's unable to function and is only thinking about this woman.

SeeMeBeamon is an innovative rapper who has a unique musical style. The intensity in his vocals and lyrical delivery is bold and compelling. His expressive performance and the stellar production work emphasize his feelings which hits you at the core. "Last Call" is relatable and has a profound message about heartbreak and love. SeeMeBeamon is a passionate and extraordinary rap artist that will continue to create amazing music and rise in the industry.

About SeeMeBeamon

Based in Las Vegas, NV from Southern California. SeeMeBeamon is a revolutionizing Hip-Hop artist, providing compelling and emotional productions that leave his audiences wanting more. He has an extensive musical background and a genius-level ability in developing unique, advanced artistic creations, which has led to his prominent successes and exponential growth within the music industry. SeeMeBeamon began making music in church after his father went to jail. He discovered that music was a powerful outlet to express emotion and stay resilient during hard times.

Over time, this became a catalyst for him to study music in school. Though he dropped out in the second semester, he still went full force into his music, producing for local acts and independent artists in other states under the name BotBeamon. Today, SeeMeBeamon is building his own music brand and is excited to finally share it with the rest of the world. In a world where hip-hop is one of the most dominant and in-demand genres, there is still a void missing, and SeeMeBeamon is determined to fill that demand and make his mark.

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