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See Your Shadow Songwriting aka Michael Coleman - “Christmas on Cellblock 9”

Review by Reagan March & Staff

Michael Coleman’s “Christmas on Cellblock 9” takes a comedic twist on the classic holiday song with a unique story of being arrested on Christmas Eve.

Coleman’s talent is quite evident through his professional sound and lyricism in the storyline of “Christmas on Cellblock 9”. His classic holiday sound immediately soothes the listener as the storyline keeps the listener captivated. This unique take on Christmas music is what truly makes Coleman’s musicianship quite original.

Let alone the instrumental part of the piece, Coleman’s clean tone and the familiar groove of the tune makes listeners want to sing along. The sleigh bells add great texture to the piece while signifying the type of music “Christmas on Cellblock 9” is. The message of his song is quite evident through the main lyrics in the chorus, “My one call went to voicemail, I spent that Christmas Eve in jail.” Coleman’s comedic story explains that the character of the song was simply having terrible luck that Christmas.

“Christmas on Cellblock 9” gives listeners an original holiday piece and insight into Coleman’s lighthearted spirit. The overall sound of his song with the production details and simply his charming voice create a very full and well-rounded song. Coleman’s music deserves a worthwhile listen to, as he perfectly displays the necessities of a musician in his new song “Christmas on Cellblock 9”.


About Michael Coleman and See Your Shadow Songwriting

See Your Shadow Songwriting is a collaborative network of vocalists and musicians who bring to life the work written by Artistic Director, MichaelColeman aka, The Metropolitan Cowboy. Based out of Phoenix, Arizona with ties to Columbus, Ohio and Nashville, See Your Shadow creates all types of art in all mediums, but their primary focus is music with an emphasis on contemporary country and western.

See Your Shadow Songwriting has had two Itunes Chart Toppers in South Africa, their heart wrenching ballad, "I Will Tell Jesus You Said Hello" and the edgy hard rocking instrumental, "My Worth". Artistic Director Michael is known for his lyrical content and holds the distinction of being the only songwriter to be nominated twice for the position of Poet Laureate for the State of Ohio.

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