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  • Bryon Harris

See Your Shadow - Christmas on Cellblock 9

Reviewed by Aaron Cloutier

Hailing from Phoenix, Az, songwriting Juggernauts “See Your Shadow” deliver a hook-laden and high energy performance on “Christmas On Cellblock 9.” A ridiculously catchy pop-rock-country number that will make you laugh as much as it will make you dance.

All the usual trappings of a great country song are present. Acoustic guitars strum gently along as the vocalist builds the story throughout each verse with a rich baritone revealing the trademark “twang” typical of the genre. Rounded and supportive bass lines blend with some solid drumming and of course the sweet sounds of mandolin can be heard sprinkled here and there.

The chorus is a veritable hook-fest complete with bluegrass style vocal harmonies and tasty electric guitar licks that serve as the song’s musical theme and can be heard throughout. The writing here is very strong as the song wastes little time with getting to the those strategically placed hooks.

Also worth noting is just how well produced “Christmas on Cellblock 9” is. The mix is very clean and full with great separation amongst all of the instruments. The vocals are right up in front primed for storytelling and ultimately, the band is extremely tight which always makes for a great recording.

Christmas on Cellblock 9 displays adept songwriting chops and stellar production, but the comedic elements are what really makes this originally-conceived song stand out. There are many funny moments throughout, but most notably in my humble opinion are lyrics such as “Telling Bubba ‘No means no’ underneath the mistletoe.” And “Stocking stuffers had a whole new meaning.”

I immediately think this is the kind of song that would come out if Brad Paisley hung out with a stand up comedian and started writing together. If that doesn’t peak your curiosity then I don’t know what will. If Pop Country is your thing, do yourself a favor and check it out. The chorus melody will be with you long after the holidays are over!


About See Your Shadow

Named best group by The International Music Association, See Your Shadow has a known track record for producing high quality music. See Your Shadow is a collaborative network of vocalist and musicians who make the songs they create their stars. See Your Shadow is run by Artistic Director, Michael "The Metropolitan Cowboy" Coleman who writes and produces all the work the See Your Shadow creates. See Your Shadow has hit the top of the iTunes Country Chart in South Africa five times and has been honored for its originality in not only their songs, but their videos as well. See Your Shadow Artistic Director Michael Coleman is the only professional songwriter to be nominated for the office of Poet Laureate for the State of Ohio. "Christmas on Cellblock 9" was named best original Christmas Song by the Fair Play Country Music Association out of The Netherlands and the video was an award winner for best video and the set design.

For more information on See Your Shadow, please visit his website!


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