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  • Bryon Harris

Scott & Sabrina - 'Home'

One of the basic scale forms taught to music students is the pentatonic scale, constructed by omitting the fourth and seventh notes from the normal major scale, thus leaving one with five notes – hence pentatonic. The power of the pentatonic scale is such that it renders itself with a nearly inexplicable tonal connection even to the untrained ear, thus enabling him or her to predict the next notes of the song/melody. It takes true skill and spirit to be able to put the pentatonic scale to that effect, in order to entrance the listener throughout the composition, while backing it up with a lively arrangement, and of course, the proper lyrical theme, so as to conjure up something that can be termed ‘hypnotic’ and ‘magical’. These adjectives are certainly valid in the case of Arizona-based country duo Scott & Sabrina’s newest single, titled ‘Home’.

Written in the key of G Major, "Home" is yet another profound example of the pentatonic major scale (albeit with the odd note sprinkled here and there) being put to excellent effect. And this is no mere technical exercise either. "Home" boasts all the right ingredients required of a contemporary number, mixed in nearly the right proportions, starting with the lyrical theme, which is one of tender affection between a couple – feeling like home when with each other – hence the title.

Little wonder then that the choice of genre in which it is arranged is a creative one, and it makes very good sense: essentially country pop with a touch of soft rock and gospel. Composed using two chord progressions – for the verse and chorus respectively – the intro manifests with the harmonious amalgamation of the piano and the pedal steel guitar. The guitar’s ambient high-pitched notes are especially instrumental in adding that tender touch to bolster the lyrical theme, which in itself has been penned in a style that is, simply put, natural, tender, and heartfelt, with lyrics such as ‘Even when the stars don’t shine, I still see the light in your eyes’ that are both poetic and intimate, even in conversation form.

But the standout aspect of the number is the vocal renditions of Scott and Sabrina – each of them with varying vocal traits and dynamic ranges; but together, they ooze with unbridled joy and sheer chemistry, as they take turns at the lead rendition, and when together, the harmonies they interweave cast a spellbinding effect upon the listener. The instrumental performances and the mix-engineering do a stellar job at propping up the vocal performances, with the piano, drums, guitars, and bass, all weaving in and out at the right junctures – the instrumental bridge performed by the guitar yet again renders that dreamy aspect that has come to be the hallmark of this wonderfully written number.

At a duration of four minutes and twenty-three seconds, "Home" is an inspiringly heartfelt ode to love and companionship that leaves the listener involved and deeply sated from an emotional perspective, thanks in no small measure to the duo’s rendition. I don’t hesitate to admit that by the second time I was listening to this number, I found myself jamming on the piano with gusto to "Home."


About Scott & Sabrina Scott & Sabrina are a dynamic singer-songwriter duo hailing from Northern Arizona. With their outstanding vocals and soulful harmonies, they captivate audiences, taking them on a musical journey. Over the past year, they have graced stages across 4 states, becoming favorites with fans and venues alike. Recently, their talent caught the attention of a record label and management team, signifying a promising future for the pair.

On social media, Scott & Sabrina boast an impressive following of over 12,000 devoted fans. Their artistry has not gone unnoticed, as they have been featured in notable publications like Roots Music Magazine, RiverScene Magazine, Havasu Living Magazine, and Nashville Music Guide.

Their EP "Blessed" can be enjoyed on all major streaming platforms, showcasing their passion and polished sound. With songs as compelling as those on country radio, Scott & Sabrina have carved their unique niche in the contemporary country music scene.

Drawing inspiration from Lady A, Little Big Town, and Thompson Square, Scott & Sabrina fuse various influences, creating a melodic blend of Country, Americana, Soft Rock, and Pop. Their on-stage energy is a magical alchemy, leaving audiences with an unforgettable experience, as they share their voices and souls in perfect harmony. For those seeking the next favorite duo, Scott & Sabrina's enchanting performances are a must-listen.


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