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Scott Dawson - "Least of My Worries"

Review by Patrick Joseph

“Least of My Worries” is a beautifully written song with a timeless “golden” country sound. The twang of the pedal steel and the precision of the vocal performance will win you over instantly. Incredibly effective and efficient, this song gets to the heart of the matter right away. Listeners will love the combination of clever lyrics and a perfect musical package. Driving and upbeat, this song will put you in a great mood.

Lyrically, “Least of My Worries” is straightforward and sentimental.

“Three months behind on my rent, Between the smokes and the liquor, All my money is spent… What does it matter, If you're not here with me?”

Relatable and pure-of-heart, these lyrics will grab listeners and have them singing along.

“Those are the least of my worries, Not the reason I cry, The least of my worries, Cause last night you said goodbye.”

A touching reminder to keep priorities in line.

The arrangement of “Least of My Worries” is a masterclass in country music construction. A well-written melody is supported by guitar fills in the first verse, pedal steel in the choruses, and fiddle in the 2nd verse. The rock-solid rhythm section sets the song in motion. The vocal performance is confident and expressive, delivering the lyrics with an engaging quality. Unison melodies and rhythmic hits keep the song delivering fresh ideas. “Least of My Worries” is a fantastic song.


About Scott Dawson

Scott Dawson is a traditional country singer/songwriter/recording artist with 4 albums of original songs. He is a happily married father of three and is a healthcare worker. His dream is to sing on the Grand Ole Opry.

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