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  • Bryon Harris

SAT Game - "Is No Quit"

Review by Patrick Joseph

“Is No Quit” is a hyped-up track with swagger and intensity, but also plenty of fuel for thought. Raw drum tracks mesh with affected synth harmony to create a unique and engaging sound. SAT GAME flows confidently and rhythmically throughout. There is a relaxed yet dedicated tone to his vocal style which fits perfectly with lyrical themes and instrumental expressions. Somehow this music is both calming and energizing, like a pep-talk before a game you know you’re about to win.

Lyrically, “Is No Quit” tackles gritty themes of real-life struggle. SAT GAME is poetic and measured in his recitations.

“Fatherless lifestyle turned into a night owl…The streets became her tutor.”

GAME is direct and honest about the perseverance required during difficult times.

“A screw’s loose, Live by the code pray for the sinner, Hope her accidents as beautiful as her inner.”

These lyrics sugar coat nothing…as the song clearly states: “Is no quit on this game.”

“Is No Quit” has an overall identity that makes it charming and endearing to listeners. An “autotune” chorus blends with juicy synth chords to give the music a spacey, almost dreamlike quality. The intensity of the backing track and combines with the music’s message to create a feeling of inspiration and motivation. This song is like a shot of energy, belonging to any pump-up playlist.

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About SAT Game

SAT Game is a hip-hop artist out of Detroit, Michigan. Listeners first fell in love with his sound back in 2014 when he dropped, Heart of a Warrior, Vol. 1 (under SAT Game). Since then he’s bolstered his catalog with numerous singles from “My Shit So Cold” to “Niggas Mad Cause Dey Pockets Little” as well an LP, My Bentley So Cold. Within each of his tracks, listeners can find everything from lyrical finesse to raw hip hop ideals. Now he is back on his grind, showing that nobody can stop his shine with his latest single "Is No Quit." SAT Game’s music is available around the world, including Australia and Mexico.


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