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Sarah Christine – ‘The Choice’

Review by Matt Wong & Staff

Colorado based, with proud Minneapolis roots, Sarah Christine draws influence from pop, indie, folk and electronic sounds to create a unique blend of original songs. With a strong passion for writing, composing, and producing, Sarah creates music you'll find yourself playing on repeat and adding to your playlists. Propelled by an innate desire to base her entire musical adventure and journey on the sole theme of “In It Together”, Sarah promotes following our dreams as a community, and alongside extremely hard work, to achieve goals. Sarah’s core story is one of resliancey, strength, perseverance, and bravery which is heard through so many of her lyrics. Overcoming being hit by a  Ford F-150 truck while walking across a crosswalk, a life changing moment, Sarah continues to move forward.  Sarah was recently acknowledged as one of the most anticipated up and coming singer-songwriters with her 2020 The Let Go Tour. A great way to get aquainted with Sarah's music and message is to listen to her new single, "The Choice."

Beginning with the first verse, “The Choice” starts with piano as Sarah sings, "I saw the light. The sky was dark, and I felt blinded. I sacrificed all I had." Her voice is pristine. The first verse is performed freely, as well placed background vocals weave in and out to highlight key phrases in the lyrics.

After much anticipation, the groove hits with the second verse, as the beat and the bass enter to drive the song forward. Melodically, the verse is highly rhythmic and uses dense phrases to ride the drive of the groove. This contrasts with the addictive chorus, which uses more space in the melody to give the chorus size and impact on the listener.

"I’m gonna quit my job yaya I’m gonna quit my job yaya I’m gonna quit my job yaya I’ve been workin’ for the man Now I got a different plan ya I said “I’m out goodbye” Tell me where you’d like me to sign, hey! I’m gonna quit my job yaya"

Following the chorus, the song goes into a series of double choruses. A brief bridge is inserted along the way, but the remainder of the song is driven by reprises of the chorus, kept fresh with excellent vocal arranging and production. The lyrics in “The Choice” tell the story of how Sarah quit her day job to pursue music full time. Sarah sings about how “dreams don’t chase themselves,” so, “it’s time for me to let go.” The lyrics in the song’s chorus are extremely catchy, and are about how Sarah was “workin’ for the man” and “now I got a different plan.” This song will resonate with anyone who has every had dream that requires making a bold move.

“The Choice” by Sarah Christine is a spirited and inspirational song. The level of songwriting is at an incredibly high level, and uses simple, yet effective melodic and phrase manipulation to develop the song from section to section. Its lyrics offer a personal story that many listeners may be able to relate to – the story of abandoning security to pursue one’s passion and calling. On the production front, the song keeps listeners locked in with a solid beat, and creative sounds to complement the vocals. With this song, Sarah Christine shows listeners that she is an artist that is pushing the boundaries of pop music, and one to pay close attention to.

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