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Samona - 'Hey Destiny'

Updated: Nov 18

By Vai Thomas & Staff

It's not surprising to see how gospel themes, mental health, and self-awareness beautifully complement each other. When lyrical themes draw inspiration from the Good Book, blending excerpts from the Epistles and Psalms, the true test lies in merging these themes emotively and intelligently as to immediately drive home the concepts of faith and fearlessness to the listener’s emotional center. With sheer conviction, a virtuosic performance, and an arrangement that befits the theme, California-based singer-songwriter Samona effortlessly inspires us in her latest release, "Hey Destiny."

Crafted in the key of D minor, "Hey Destiny" is a harmonious blend of inspirational hymn, stadium anthem, and contemporary pop. With it's instrumentation fitting smoothly into the realms of Gospel and R&B, the song resonates lyrically with purpose and strength. Lines like "I want what’s mine, fear and doubt get off me, eyes on the prize, I’m not letting go now" and "Your purpose is a calling to be a greatness that you might not see" convey a powerful message, dynamically distributed over two verses, one chorus, and one bridge.

What truly transforms this number into a song that stunningly cuts above the rest is Samona’s vocals, with their horn-like precision and warm vibrancy – remarkably evocative of Ella Fitzgerald (to an extent). Samona's genius lies in her ability to use just the right amount of power injected into the lyrics, which at once transforms the song into a moment capable of moving the masses as well as the individual listener on a personal level, which is no easy feat. The dynamic graph of emotional transitions from verse to chorus, and to the final bridge, is testament to the sheer versatility and prowess of Samona’s crooning capabilities. With her sparkling vibratos applied at just the right lyrical junctures, Samona is as polished as a shining star. As for the arrangement, the sheer beauty of the melodic topline, at once relatable and by no means repetitive, with it's attention-retaining capacity, allows both vocalist and instrumentalist to weave musical wonders with sheer freedom and power. And the mix must also be credited for amalgamating and balancing the vocals, harmonies, and instruments across the frequency spectrum in a sparklingly airy fashion, rendering a zestfully uplifting vibe that is the hallmark of contemporary pop and Gospel music.

At three minutes and twelve seconds, "Hey Destiny" stands out in 2023 due to its vocal aptitude and noteworthy thematic material. This song serves as an example of honest lyrical expression that balances faith and fortitude on a philosophical and spiritual level, catering to both individual listeners and the masses, with a message that moves mountains.


About Samona Samona, a multi-talented Contemporary Gospel vocalist and singer-songwriter, was born in Oakland, CA, and raised in Sacramento, CA. Drawing inspiration from her deep relationship with God and the adversities she has overcome, Samona's music serves as a powerful expression of her perspectives and stories. Her latest EP, "Encouraged To Inspire," reflects her overarching ambition to inspire through her art. Though drawing influences from old-school artists like Mississippi Mass Choir, Daryl Coley, John P. Kee, and Kirk Whalum, as well as Opera and Classical music, Samona is anything but old school, as she epitomizes the daring borderless creativity of the innovating new wave of musicians. Bio credit: Jacob Aiden


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