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Sam Graham - 'Humming Song'

Review by Ionas Finser & Staff

Sam Graham is a queer singer-songwriter with a passion for composing songs about his crippling existential dread... and boys. He is making his recording debut with Cries for Attention, a genre-bending display of unresolved emotional trauma, aggressive ennui, and camp. His latest single, "Humming Song", vividly captures the residual experiences and emotions of lost love. Ominous, intriguing humming fittingly begins “Humming Song”, accompanied by crisp snaps. Sam Graham combines the catchy-appeal of Ed Sheeran with the sonic fervor of Amy Winehouse, coming in with vocals that carry subtle smoothness and melodic adventurousness.

One needs nothing more than the infinitely satisfying beat drop at the end of the intro to be convinced that this is one of those play-it-on-repeat hits. Above a catchy drunk beat and funky guitar riffs, Graham shows us the magic of an unconventional structure and vibrant development.

Lyrically, Sam Graham treats the listener to masterfully crafted verses that explore the artist’s memories of past loves. Graham vividly illustrates the ways in which faces are constantly fading from our lives, yet live on in their impressions on our souls. Before you know it, the first verse recapitulates and leaves you with a resounding sense of completeness.

“And just like smoke I see you clear as day But when I try to touch you, you just fade away The thought of you, it echoes more and more and more But I guess that’s what forgetting’s for.”

“Humming Song” has everything you need to enjoy these hot summer evenings and sink peacefully into your inner world of emotions and memories. You can listen to the funky, catchy instrumentals over and over and yet never be bored, all while soaking in the unforgettable lyrical language that Graham has so brilliantly and poetically woven together.

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