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Saint Brown - "One Day"

Review by Patrick Joseph

“One Day” is an emotional and uplifting piece of music. The backing track sets a perfect stage for the confessional nature of the song’s lyrics. Saint Brown delivers this song expertly, engaging listeners and keeping the narrative flowing naturally. The hook is sensitive and smooth, providing a comforting juxtaposition to the intensity of the verses. Overall, this music is gripping and relatable. Listeners will find a message of inspiration in this well-crafted song which explores the tough side of life.

Lyrically, “One Day” is raw and dark.

“My mother said I was nothing, but I gotta count for something, I mean I'm still here right? So I can't just be bluffin', Mom's verbal abuse went on for years and years.”

Themes of struggle and personal growth are everywhere in these well-composed lyrics.

“I'm feeling hurt and I'm torn, thinking why was I born

The rage in the cage got me battling through this mental storm.”

Powerful and relatable, these lyrics speak volumes.

The arrangement of “One Day” is fantastic. The backing track is expertly composed, combining a smooth but driving drum track with a floating piano melody and a sparse bass line to create a rich emotional landscape over which the lyrics can be effective. Saint Brown is expertly deliberate in his delivery, staying on top of the beat and keeping the energy high. The vocal hook is precise and masterful. This song will hit you right in the heart, be prepared to take an emotional journey when you listen to “One Day.”


About Saint Brown

Hailing from DC, Saint Brown turns real life scenarios into music with his relatable songs. The story reflects his hardships of growing up. With his latest release, "One Day", Saint brings us a unique perspective on the complexities of depression and growing up without a family.

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