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RW "Ray William" Roldan - 'Bad Love Pain'

BWH Music Group’s Keepin' It Country, Vol. One, by Various Artists, contains an eclectic Mix of 17 songs by today's best independent Country artists and songwriters. With great storytelling and heart-felt performances at the core of each song, the album spans traditional and contemporary Country music. Off the compilation, R.W. Roldan's single "Bad Love Pain" has a hook so strong, it might wipe out whatever love pains you have with great music.

A punchy low register guitar line with syncopated arpeggios start “Bad Love Pain” by RW “Ray William” Roldan. The music has a strong traditional Americana sound with elements of alt-country-rock. RW's voice is all it takes to draw you in. His vocal tone is as natural as the earth with a bit of grit that makes every nuance as authentic and alive as it gets. His voice has the sound of every generation before him and will resonate for generations to come.

“She's almost here, but not quite, she let out of there in the middle of the night. Movin' like a thunder that rolls across them lonesome plains. After the first verse, a nice thick walking bass line land light-rock percussion join in with a shuffle that has a nice lift. The catchy chorus breaks out with an incredibly strong hook. "Bad love pain, will take your dreams away. Bad love pain, no it just seems that way. Bad love pain, it started with a kiss, Bad Love pain, don't think she's gonna miss that wild boy who gave her bad love pain." As the slice of life story unfolds, the lyrics tell the story of a young girl who has a broken heart and a father who feels that broken heart along with her, but knows it’s all part of life’s growing pains. R.W.'s performance captures the tenderness (and the exasperation) a father feels when watching the drama of young love unfold. "Bad Love pain, Awe! hell she's headed back to that boy who gave her bad love pain."

The exceptional band on ”Bad Love Pain” includes Ray William Roldan on lead vocals and acoustic guitar; Max Allyn on acoustic and electric guitar, piano and percussion; and Eamon Ryland on additional instruments. Jenna Blake does an excellent job on backup harmonies. Her voice compliments Roldan's superbly. Mid-way, a flawless melodic electric guitar solo highlights the track.

In "Bad Love Pain" Rolden captures the timeless essence of young love from a parent's perspective with genuine tenderness and authenticity. His down-to-earth performance, along with refined songwriting and musicianship, make "Bad Love Pain" as enjoyable as it gets. If you are looking for the real deal in Country Roots, R.W. "Ray William" Rolden is hands-down one of the best of artists of our time. 'Keepin' It Country, Vol. One' is available on all major digital outlets. For more information about the album and artists, visit BWH Music Group.


About RW “Ray William” Roldan

Inspired by true love, found with his childhood sweetheart, RW "Ray William" Roldan has released his new album, Can You Feel This? For this album, he collaborated with engineer/producer Max Allyn of The Outpost.

R.W.'s past bands included the popular Swing Samurai and Broke Fence. His two Swing Samurai albums received extensive airplay throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia, and songs from those albums were featured on compilations with greats like Tim McGraw, Billy Yates and The Bellamy Brothers. RW has recorded with famed musicians like Doug Pettibone (Lucinda Williams), John J.T. Thomas (Bruce Hornsby), Rick Shea (Dave Alvin, Rosie Perez), Bruce Watson (Rod Stewart / Foreigner), Chuck Kavoorus, Brad Cobb (Tori Amos), and David Chamberlain (Roy Buchanan, Manhattan Transfer).

R.W.'s current band includes Eamon Ryland ( Rye Cooders God Son) Jenna Blake, and Max Allyn. Ray's tunes have been top finalists in numerous "Song of the Year" competitions. In 2007, he won “Top 25 Song" for IndieMusiccom. The following year, he scored eleven finalist nominations for “Man of Steel” through the FameGame Effigy Awards.

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