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Roxanne - 'Move Yuh Body'

Review by Anthony Nguyen & Staff

Having a deep love for performance and writing her own original music, Roxanne, a Canadian-based singer-songwriter, music producer, and professional recording artist versed in various music genres from classical music and opera, to pop, rock, blues, jazz, soul, disco, funk, and reggae, is an up and coming artist to watch on the music scene. Featured in press, television, radio, live performances and recordings with her original work including her 2015 “Uncovered” album and her 2017 “Insatiable” album with Nile Groove, her Ottawa-based reggae band, and in music projects with local and international artists, Roxanne gives fans a whole new sound. As a solo artist she released her electronica single “Like Suga” (2019), “Take a Ride” (2020), and her brand new and intoxicating dance single “Move Yuh Body”.

Electric and bursting with energy, “Move Yuh Body” by Roxanne is an infectiously uplifting song. The kick is driving the whole piece, and the song has a massive extended low end that makes it impossible not to dance to. The kick is nice and punchy, just on the verge of being overpowering but never making it to that point, a nod to the excellent mixing by Jason Jaknunas. It works in perfect harmony with the sub bass, which further adds to the low end dominance that is characteristic of this style of music. The rhythm section is complex and catchy, with crisp high hats and a timely shaker that help glue the song together. The main organ synth, played by Roxanne is deceptively simple but unbelievably catchy. The vocal performance is especially standout. Sultry as all hell and fiercely intimate, Roxanne’s vocals are a force to be reckoned with her charisma giving the song new life with every note. Listen to "Move Yuh Body" on SoundCloud!

From the very beginning, the song grabs listeners and never lets go. The intro consists of only the catchy synth that will be played copiously through the song, and slides into a dynamic verse. There are some serious production chops on display here, as every section has small parts being added and taken out to ensure no part of the song becomes stale. The chorus is bouncy, and clever additions like the electric piano and more percussion ramps up the energy even more. The last chorus and outro is a masterclass on how to end a song. The visceral spirted vocal performance and wild rhythm section make it a certified banger.

The inspiration for the song comes from wanting to let go of the stresses and frustration of life and liberation of oneself through dance and music. This theme is evident through the entire song, and Roxanne does a great job keeping movement the primary objective through clever arranging. The lyrics do their job in supporting this message, “Are you ready? Move yuh body Yeah, yeah Are you ready? Yeah Let’s go.” With outstanding production and a perky and energetic atmosphere, “Move Yuh Body” by Roxanne is a stunning achievement in songwriting. Make sure to follow Roxanne and be on the lookout for the release of her must-listen upcoming debut solo album "Love Rebel" coming in 2021.

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