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Rose Haze - Disco Vampire

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

Rose Haze is a progressive indie-soul-psych-rock symphonic band. Described as a rolling stone, her song catalog tells stories of the lone traveler experiencing blissful highs and devastating lows while on the road to nowhere, somewhere, and anywhere set to mood-oriented sonic canvases. She now resides in the San Francisco bay area where she cultivates her indie-groove-soul-pychadelic sound with: Ruben Valdez Gonzales’ (fuzzy textural guitar), Yoko Miyakawa (metal violin), and Raul Becerra (deep funky bass). With Rose’s trippy organ leads, guitar flairs, and ethereal vocals floating on top, they create a unique sound that dances between all genres.

Rose Haze’s “Disco Vampire” will allure you in with its ethereal pop style. Rose’s misty vocals mezmerize against Ruben Valdez Gonzales' electronic beats, distorted guitar, and ambient effects. The intensity is acheived through doubled harmonies and eerie reverb on the vocals giving the song a chill, goth-rock style. Yoko Miyakawa’s electric string violin snaeks it's way in during the verse cascading over Rose’s mezmerizing vocals. “Disco Vampire” is an intriguing and intense pop song with a complex, yet chill vocal style. Rose’s lyrics, arrangement, and production lure listeners in with haunting background effects and synth beats.

Love is not easy, especially when you’re involved with a member of your band! Rose Haze wrote “Disco Vampire” about a forbidden love between two band members. The song is about desire and deviance. In the beginning, the song slowly builds to the rapid synth beat depicting an intense need to be close to this person as the chorus sings:

“Sleep a little longer baby, Dream a little wilder maybe, Forget what I said yesterday, You gotta help me push on through, I cannot believe what I’m hearin, Don’t you dare let me go.”

Rose Haze is a modern-day rebel who uses bold artistry to express herself freely. There’s an underlying sensual nuance to this song that is captures both the extrovert and the introverts with the explicit and subtle imagery of attraction and infatuation. "Disco Vampire" is an enticing, exciting, and engaging song that will musically hypnotize you.

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