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  • Bryon Harris

Rosco Johnny – 'Rosco Johnny Christmas'

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

The Rosco Johnny trio brings three amazing renditions of holiday favorites in their 2020 EP Rosco Johnny Christmas.

Kicking things off, a warm, folky, acoustic rendition of “We Three Kings” acts as a beautiful introduction to their sound. Starting off as a duet with just guitar and voice, the simple arrangement has an endearing timbre that lulls listeners. At first, the song builds with an extra layer of vocal harmony. Then, after the first chorus a sweet lead plays over the addictive acoustic motif before the group breaks into tight three-part harmony.

Moving forward, the trio pick up the tempo with the up-tempo, “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.” This track has each of the trio taking the spotlight whether on the lead vocal or through flagrant harmonies. Crisp, slamming drums with heavier, rocking chords make this tune pack a bit more of a punch making it a great addition to the EP.

Ending the EP with a more classic Christmas sound, the ringing of sleigh bells start off Rosco Johnny’s “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.” Taking the familiar frame of the song we all know and love, Rosco Johnny undoubtedly enhances it with the addition of their iconic three-part harmonies and all together stellar sound.

Rosco Johnny Christmas is a great new addition to your holiday playlist with undeniable hit quality sound that you wouldn’t be surprised to hear on the radio today.


About Rosco Johnny

Rosco Johnny offers “Texas Folk with a Shot of Country” by way of their powerful, interweaving harmonies and infectious stage presence.The Rosco Johnny trio explores the great traditions of folk, roots rock, and country. This family trio consisting of Justin Brooks, Tiffany Brooks (husband and wife), and Morgan Taylor (Tiffanyʼs brother) transport the listener to the familiar comfort of the front porches and deep woods of their roots. Beginning as a vehicle to provide backing vocals to Justinʼs solo career, they discovered something special in their harmonies and took on the name, “Rosco Johnny” after Tiffany and Morganʼ s grandfather, who professed his love for his wife, his God, his country music, and his harmonica until his dying day. They have released their debut EP “In Trio” on Southern Skye Records working with Grammy-nominated producer, Billy Smiley in Nashville. Off the EP, "Bag of Stone" is a great way to get aquainted with the trio's talent.

For more information on Roscoe Johnny, please visit their website.

Stream on Spotfiy.

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