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Rosco Johnny - 'Bag of Stones'

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

Rosco Johnny offers “Texas Folk with a Shot of Country” by way of their powerful, interweaving harmonies and infectious stage presence.The Rosco Johnny trio explores the great traditions of folk, roots rock, and country. This family trio consisting of Justin Brooks, Tiffany Brooks (husband and wife), and Morgan Taylor (Tiffanyʼs brother) transport the listener to the familiar comfort of the front porches and deep woods of their roots. Beginning as a vehicle to provide backing vocals to Justinʼs solo career, they discovered something special in their harmonies and took on the name, “Rosco Johnny” after Tiffany and Morganʼ s grandfather, who professed his love for his wife, his God, his country music, and his harmonica until his dying day. They have released their debut EP “In Trio” on Southern Skye Records working with Grammy-nominated producer, Billy Smiley in Nashville. Off the EP, "Bag of Stone" is a great way to get aquainted with the trio's talent.

Soothing vocals are paired with elegant layers of acoustic guitars and rich vocal harmonies in Rosco Johnny’s “Bag of Stones.” The song starts off as a simple duet between finger-picked guitar and the pure vocals from Rosco that shimmer with light vibrato. Picking up the rhythm, the guitar adds a light strumming to every other beat while gorgeous 3-part vocal harmonies fill in the background.

With a smooth transition into the chorus Rosco sings,

“Cause I tried to repent, and I tried to pretend, and I walked down the road where the sidewalk is / We’ve got plenty of sin, but we’re reaching into my bag of stones to throw.”

Their sincere sound becomes unforgettable as they mesmerize you with a dynamic arrangement of everchanging harmonies accentuated by the bouncy, energetic timbre of the guitars.

At it's heart, "Bag of Stones" is about having regrets and coming to terms with your own humanity. We all have sin and stones to throw, but we also have grace.

Justin Philip Brooks (vocalist /guitarist), Tiffany Brooks (vocalist) and Morgan Taylor (vocalist/banjo/guitarist) highlight just what makes them so special with their eloquent delivery of storytelling in “Bag of Stones.”

For more information on Roscoe Johnny, please visit their website.

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