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Rocky Michaels - 'Somewhere'

Review By Reagan March & Staff

Rocky Michaels successfully creates a classic country feel with his song, “Somewhere”, while simultaneously discussing an important topic in society. The gentle guitar intro allows listeners to grasp the type of song it is going to be, while the soothing flow of the high hats introduce the beautiful vocals. The gradual buildup of the instrumental into more intense parts of the song, such as chorus and bridge, are successfully achieved through more vigorous drum parts and this distinction is what truly creates great musicianship.

Michaels’ voice has such a clear tone that the listener is intrigued to listen to more, and along with his graceful vocals comes the message of peace and positivity. Lyrics such as, “And you can share a common view atop the ridges”, express Michaels’ hope for a one day peaceful and unified society that is able to discuss their opinions without rift. “Someday I’m hoping there we’ll be, somewhere for you and me”, is expressing his hope for a better society in the future for him and his loved one. The overall message of the song is one that can be related to by many, especially considering society’s current situations.

“Somewhere” is a classic country tune and a worthwhile listen considering its tremendous musicianship and inspiring message. The natural flow of the piece creates a very relaxing feel, making Michaels’ music appealing to all listeners. With such an original and moving sound, Rocky Michaels has secured a place in the heart's of listeners.

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About Rocky Michaels

Rocky Michaels is a California born acoustic singer-songwriter. He began playing piano at age 5 and crafted his skills into songwriting throughout high school. His debut album, ‘The Great American Dream’ was released in August of 2020.

Over the years, Rocky has been able to tap into his life experiences to offer honest lyrics in storytelling that audiences have found to be both engaging and relatable. “Rocky Michaels for me is that guy who stands out as one of my favorite music discoveries of 2020!!” (Jon Sexauer, Owner and CEO at The Grey Eagle Radio Show.)


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