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  • Bryon Harris

Rockey Washington - 'Really On It'

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

Saint Louis is a city known for it's baseball, beer, and famous arch; it is also known for it's dangerous streets. This city of contrasts is also known for it's music, and Rockey Washington, an up-and-coming recording artist, is making Saint Louis proud with his rise in the music industry. Rockey released the single “Tsunami season” in 2019 to critical acclaim from fans and critics. Inspired by his drummer father and legends like Kanye West and Drake, Rockey started rapping and performing at the age of 15. Rockey combines his love for hip hop music with his interest in other genres to create a fresh, dynamic musical experience. His latest project “Pandemic” is inspired by the ongoing Covid-19 scare and quarantine situation. The album was written, produced, and mixed under quarantine in Los Angeles. One listen, and you will be sold.

Keep moving forward with Rocky Washington’s hot beat and killer rap flow in his new song “Really On it” from the album Pandemic. The tight snare beat and booming bass beat open up the song as Rockey delivers each lyric like a blazing fire. The song opens with lyrics about who you call friends and who you call enemies.

"Everyday another dinner plate Anyday another way to win Better watch who you calla friend And still watch all ya enemies After time they the same thing Ain't no way to remain king."

Listeners will hear the influences of Kanye West and Drake's rap style in his flow and phrasing of lines. Production on the song is clean with layered nuance that allows the song to move forward effortlessly. The beat is dynamic and has multiple layers that help listeners focus on the message. Your ears will be locked in from beginning to end.

The message in “Really On It” is about continuing the grind and moving pass seemingly impossible obstacles. Rockey Washington’s album Pandemic is about the present situation of Covid-19. He writes about his specific predicament and how he's not going to allow the state of the world to stop him from his purpose. The grind and hustle don’t stop for him and neither does the weight of the world.

“I been moving homie, Getting to it homie, We be really on it I mean really on it.”

Rockey's rap flow and musical vision are progressive and innovative. He demonstrates his musical flexibility in how he tackles each turn of phrase, turning words into memorable art. He is confident and clear.

Rockey's smooth delivery of his in-depth lyrics are noteworthy. He looks at the world without a filter and is unapologetic in his discoveries. Wth his drive and passion reflected in the song's intensity, Rockey Washington is "really on it" and his tenacity and talent have paid off. Find Streaming links on FanLink

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