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Robert Flynn-”Blue Morning” (Foreigner)

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

Robert Flynn's rendition of “Blue Morning” , written by Lou Gramm and Mick Jones of Foreigner, is an energetic and intoxicating take on a classic rock song. The dark complexity of Flynn's interpretation is crystallized by an engaging and dynamic lead vocal performance. The throwback feeling of the rhythm section is fantastically well-done, revealing talent from every angle on this track. High production values give this cover a unique sound and feel while leaving huge space for each instrument within the mix.

Lyrically, “Blue Morning” tells an intense story of a man at a breaking point. “I've always listened to your point of view, my ways I've tried to mend, And I've always been a patient man, but my patience has reached its end.” Flynn delivers these lyrics with confidence and conviction. “Blue morning, blue day, won't you see things my way? Blue morning, can't you see what your love has done to me?” The abstract, poetic nature of these lyrics are engaging and hypnotic in Flynn's vocal hands.

The execution of “Blue Morning” on this track is impressive. Drum and guitar patterns sit perfectly in the groove. Electric keyboard and organ swirl and stab through the track, creating rich layers. The vocal performance is epic. Listeners will love to hear Flynn sing with such intensity while remaining inviting. The band executes difficult passage with ease. “Blue Morning” is chalk full of life...a great recording.

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About Robert Flynn

Robert E Flynn III is a software-developer, author and musician from San Antonio, TX. He is living with his beautiful fiancé, Claudia, whose delightful, positive outlook on life has given him the motivation to finish this work. He has two wonderful children, Caitlin and Zachary, who are grown and exploring their own fantastic lives. He has spent his entire life pursuing creative endeavors. Music was his first love and still is, and writing was always part of his life. Robert lived in Austin, Texas for many years and was part of the music scene in the city during that time. He was a member of several bands during those days and tremendously enjoyed playing live in many venues in the music rich area. Music is a great example of our creativity, which speaks to the Creation of all things. He also lived in Denver, Colorado for several years when his children were young and then relocated back to San Antonio, Texas to be close to family.

For more information on Robert Flynn, please visit his website.

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