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  • Bryon Harris

River Barons - 'The Ballad of Daniel Proud'

River Barons is an alt-country rock band from San Antonio, Texas playing South Texas Rock. Their influences are rooted in rock, country and blues. Their songs are driven by real life experiences and the sounds of the many Texas legends who have come before them. River Barons is a unique collection of eclectic musicians from diverse musical backgrounds. The band consists of the infamous Daniel Proud (drums), Genaro Ortiz (bass), Jeff Cox (steel guitar), Jordan "JP" Williams (guitar), and Gonzalo Gonzales (guitar/vocals).

At the heart of 'The Ballad of Daniel Proud' is gutsy, fun songwriting in the traditional Texas story-telling tradition that entertains, engages, and excites your ears. Set to good old-fashion southern style rock and roll with guitars, bass, drums and barroom rolling piano keys, the song starts off in with good mood vibes and puts an immediate smile on your face. Vocalist Gonazlo Gonzales sings with a full heart, a lot of soul, and some Texas grit.

"Daniel Proud was hanging out when I dog went and bit his face. Daniel Proud needed stitches ‘cause he was bleeding all over the place But that’s when he saw her, never mind that emergency room. He fell in love with a pretty little girl at the apartment pool."

The songs lyrics are tongue-and-cheek revealing the fine art of being able to make fun of yourself in a precarious situation with good humor - River Barons prove that bad luck can make a great song. 'The Ballad of Daniel Proud' is a cautionary tale that starts with a dog bite that leads to an emergency room visit and winds back at an apartment pool with love at first sight, a wild summer night fling, and an unfortunate stolen wallet. Highlights include some party-like shouts from back-up singers, a contagious easy to sing-along chorus, tight musicianship, and tasteful melodic guitar and piano solos. When the full band sings the chorus, it lights up the room.

"And all these pretty women will tear you apart they’ll take your money and they’ll, they’ll break your heart Don’t be like Daniel Proud, stick to a simple rule And don’t go messing with girls at apartment pools ."

River Barons are more than music - they are friendship on fire and their sound lights up the Texas barroom like a pretty woman who is about to steal your wallet, except they steal your music heart with great musicianship, fun music, and Texas rock that makes you feel alive in the moment.

For more information on the River Barons, please visit their website.

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