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Richie Rich - 'OneTime' Feat Quincy Thompson

Review Written by Victoria Scott

Alabama Sin City Richie Rich has cemented himself as a reputable producer within the burgeoning Alabama/Georgia hip-hop scene. With a diverse array of sounds that echo inspirations of Rap, R&B, dance and EDM, Sin City Richie Rich music is equal parts energetic and raw. Sin City Richie Rich initially started out playing drums and Djing at a young age, and has gone on to produce and engineer for various underground artists around the Tri City Area. By the age of 18, he had already made a name for himself as a producer and engineer, and became the ‘go-to’ guy for many in the industry. Inspired by the production wizardry of Quincy Jones, Dr.Dre, Timberland and more, Sin City Richie Rich next logical step in his journey saw him return to music production and focus on his own artistry. It wasn’t long before Sin City Richie Rich released a slew of hard-hitting singles, which reached southern region radio stations ‘Top 10’ in the Rap Singles genre. One of these singles, entitled ‘Did Dat’ secured a place in the top 10, which turned the media’s attention onto him. Fast forward to today and he has performed all across southern region. So what’s next for Sin City Richie Rich? Currently, it’s ‘all systems go’ for the independent artist as he sets the wheels in motion for his ‘Distorted Love’ EP, which is due for release in November 2020. “One Time”, from the album Distorted Love, is an upbeat R & B / pop song performed and created by Richie Rich featuring Quincy Thompson. “One Time” starts with an electrifying hip-hop beat and energetic vocals. The backbeat comes in tight under the bumping vocals and deep bass beat. Songwriter Quincy and Producer Richie Rich are an incredible duo! They know how to allure their listeners with a tight beat, clean harmonics, and a bright melody. The use of triplets in the melody and funky backbeats are bound to catch your ear.

“One Time” is a feel-good song with an electronic, static hip-hop beat and an energetic melody. The electronic backbeat and spirited lyrics are unique and have an old school hip-hop style. “One Time” is about seizing the moment and shooting your shot. As the chorus says,

“One time to get it right yeah, Two times to get it right yeah. I’m about to go crazy, I’m about to make you my baby, Give that kiss in the shine, You know I got to have you one time.”

Richie Rich is a gifted producer and artist. “One Time” is the perfect song to play in the club and get lit to. You can hear the influence of Chris Brown’s R & B pop style and Bruno Mars' funky rhythmic melody feel. Richie’s lyrics, bustling instrumentation, and backbeat are fun and soulful. Richie Rich and Quincy are expectational performers and musicians who are radio and chart ready.

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