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  • Bryon Harris

Rice - “Round it Up”

Review by Patrick Joseph

“Round it Up” is an intense, hyped-up track with sharp lyrics and high-end production value. Rice is confident and precise in his delivery, spitting intricate rhythms and clever rhymes easily. The backing track is deep and dark. All MCs on the track bring their energy to support the song and push the music forward. A nod to the classic deep-voiced Houston vocal hook adds yet another interesting layer. This song is packed with intricacy and talent.

Lyrically, “Round it Up” is sharp and inspirational. A reminder that each day is an opportunity, this song will pump you up and get you ready to work.

“Big returns every flip, Sick and tired being broke, Just tryin to get rich, Gotta round it up, Only thing that makes sense.”

The universal hustle is put on glamorous display through Rice’s perspective.

“If I ain't see a milli bitch I’m still broke… If it ain't a blue face I don’t want those.” Never settle, never stop."

The arrangement of “Round it Up” is phenomenal. A masterclass is trap production, this song continually offers fresh, interesting musical ideas while the flow never stops. Vocal layering and excellent choices of synth sounds give this song the perfect vibe. The flows are rhythmic yet relaxed, with clever and incisive lyrics. Overall this is a great pump-up track that you will want to turn all that way up.


About Rice

Entrepreneur and co-owner of Hustle Work Grind Records .music is my passion however it’s given me the confidence to do so much more for self and others .

Songwriting and growing the business and the brand is just a part of what we do, charity community and family are at the core of what we do and our values . My memorable moments this far is organizing a peaceful protest in My small town that was controversial to acknowledge the death of George Floyd and getting over 700 people to show up. Nominating as best Hiphop artist by Street Fame Magazine for 2021. Won an award for best Hiphop performance video “Black Excellence No Brady Performance on Poze Radio.

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