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Review of “Stole My Heart” by Gordy Garris

Review Written by Ionas Finser & Staff

Gordy Garris’ ardent, heartfelt vocals are the first thing we hear in “Stole My Heart,” supported by a triumphant 6-4-1-5 piano progression. At first, the mix may seem minimal, but this is only temporary. A voice-piano duo soon turns into a burst of color by the end of the first chorus, complete with guitar, percussion, rich cello, and even a soloing violin. Gordy Garris turns what was a pleasant, sweet song into a symphony exploding with sound and contrapuntal melodies at every turn.

Garris’ lyrics are dedicated to the never-give-up attitude of someone who can never seem to find reciprocation in love. The artist perfectly captures the feeling of the young love that we can all relate to, and stays true to his honest, vulnerable tone throughout the song.

“You stole my heart What would it take to steal yours too? You stole my heart I can't get over loving you”

Gordy Garris has undeniably demonstrated his mastery as a songwriter, and his sixth sense for development and timing. Everything in “Stole My Heart” echoes upon the artist’s core message, reverberating out into space as a multitude of instrumental voices. Garris’ pure voice and charm will not fail to draw you in and win you over.

For more information, please visit Gordy's website.

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About Gordy Garris

Pop Rock artist Gordy Garris was born and raised in Saginaw, Michigan. At an early age he began singing and playing the guitar. As a teenager, Garris taught himself the piano and began composing music at age 16. Songwriting has always been a great emotional reprieve for Garris, as he amassed hundreds of original songs by age 20. In 2017 he released his latest album, "Never Give Up." An avid songwriter with performances around the United States in cities like Los Angeles, Nashville, Detroit and Chicago, Garris continues to make his mark. In 2020, Garris is poised to release his fourth studio album entitled, "Legacy."


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