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  • Bryon Harris

Rediisin - "Realtime"

Review by Patrick Joseph

“Realtime” is a swirling, intense piece of music. Sonic textures are layered together artfully to create an overall sound that is pensive and energetic. The understated, engaging vocal track draws listeners in and provides a fascinating contrast to the intensity of the instrumental track. Ambient guitars and pulsating drums sit over the top of a bass line that anchors the harmonic structure and drives the song forward.

Lyrically, “Realtime” is an insight into the creative process of an artist.

“Your vision comes Your vision goes and grows in real-time.”

The overall effect of the music matches this theme perfectly, the sounds themselves like colors on a canvas.

“You know what? I needed to hear it Forget about it Uh, uh Yuh, uh Secluded in real-time.”

This is music for creative people.

The arrangement of “Realtime” is hypnotic. Interesting synth sounds blend with the guitars and drums like an acoustic painting. The decisiveness of the expressive vocal track brings the piece together. Production values are high, and all textures seem precisely placed. Somehow reminiscent of the recent works of Kurt Vile, this is the type of music you can sink into and lose yourself. “Realtime” is an absolute winner.

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About Rediisin

Rediisin is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist and producer Edison Dietrich at Psydel Sound Labs. Starting as a drummer over 15 years ago, Edison began songwriting during the beginning of the COVID-19 Quarantine. In his second year of songwriting, Rediisin has established a production process using drum machines and synths over reverberant guitars and vocals creating a blend of noise pop, synth-rock, and punk.


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