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Red56 - "Right On Time"

Written by Victoria Scott and Staff

The time has come to move on, in Red56's alternative rock song "Right On Time," from their album Eminence Funk. Cymbals echo powerfully as the bassline and dreamy vocals calmly sing the melody and the drums set the groovy tempo. The arrangement starts with an ethereal rock vibe and slowly progresses and intensifies during the chorus.

Danielle Gorre's sultry vocals are captivating. The bands performance is uplifting and transcendent. Stellar musicianship and flowing artistic nuance is in heavy supply by bassist and background vocalist, Freddy Villano; drummer/ percussionist, Nate Horton; guitarist, Harris G. Thor; keyboardist, Lonnie Park; trombonist/ trumpeter, Burford O'Sullivan; and background vocalists, Michael Starmer and Ted Walsh. Nate Horton mixed and Manny Nieto mastered the song creating an inventive and dynamic sound. The song is a complex and inventive with a horn section, rockin' rhythms, and powerhouse vocals.

We live in a world that counts your status and monetary accomplishments at a higher value than self-fulfillment and inner peace. "Right On Time" is when let go of those expectations and let your creative life flow. The song is about finding peace with this journey. Red56 write thoughtful, intelligent lyrics that have layers of meaning.

"It's only when my ego died, I took the fall and realized That nothing ever stays the same, Especially when you play that game Of life With strife And pain And shame"

Red56 is an accomplished band with an energetic and versatile style. The song is bittersweet while the groove is uplifting. You don't find this combination too often and it's exciting to hear. "Right On Time" is a dramatic alt-rock ballad with dynamic instrumentation, a celestial 70s vibe, seamless key changes, a tight rhythm section, and a relaxed and powerful vocal performance that moves the soul and leaves you thinking long after you've heard it. Red56's performance is a lot like the color red - passionate, provocative, and powerful.

About Red56

Red56 is what happens when songwriting soulmates Danielle Gorre (vocals) and Freddy Villano (bass) connect and create (with help from a lot of their friends). Their debut album Eminence Funk features a total of 8 stellar tracks for you to fall in love with. Check out the talented list of musicians who helped make this album happen!


Nate Horton - drums & percussion

Harris G. Thor - guitar & lap steel

Lonnie Park - keyboards

Buford O'Sullivan - trombone & trumpet "

Robert Hunter - congas

Randy Pratt - blues harp

Paula Murray Cole - melodica

Jay Davidson - saxophone

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