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r.vega - "Keeping On"

Written by Brandon Watts and Staff

r.vega is a 28 year-old classically trained musician, and full-time music educator from California. When she isn’t teaching or gigging, she enjoys exploring a wide variety of genres through her songwriting, as evident in her latest releases. Her influences include Coldplay, Zedd, Keane, Dua Lipa, Ed Sheeran, Miike Snow, and Troye Sivan (just to name a few). She frequently collaborates with other musicians, creative writers, and visual artists for each release. Her most recent release "Keeping On" is a testament to her creativity and talent.

“Keeping On” from rising artist r.vega is an up-beat, energetic, bedroom-pop bop that will have you falling in love with her sound. Glossy, ethereal synths open the record, fading out as they are contrasted by the entrance of a deep, buzzy bass synth motif that welcomes the first verse.

As the bass drops, ambient chords lightly drone in the background accompanied by a bell-like melodic lead that give the record a nice blend of texture. Her vocals are soft and enchanting, and as the song progresses, they are bolstered by layers of lush vocal harmony.

“Time moves forward and we must move with it / Even when we stumble we have to keep moving on / Time moves forward and we must move with it / Or else our love will get pushed to the limit / Falling in love is effortless / We run with how we feel, but keeping on is what makes us strong”

“Keeping On” is about how working through the difficulties in a relationship can make your bond even stronger in the end. r.vega makes sure to keep listeners enthralled from start to finish with dynamic changes in production and intimate vocals that make this record shine. You will definitely want to keep an ear on r.vega as she continues to release new music. Check out some tunes from her soundcloud below!

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