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Pretti Emage - 'Dedicated (Music for Mell)'

Review by Pat Joseph & Staff

Pretti Emage, pronounced Pretty Image, is an American Hip Hop and R&B duo originating from Tampa, Florida formed by two sisters, Jaleesah "Mizz Attitude" Riley and Zayah "Baby Girl" Riley. Their music, which is a blend of Hip Hop, Pop and R&B has soared their career and even won them a plethora of accolades for their musical accomplishments.  As independent artists these sisters have even graced some of the biggest stages alongside mainstream performers such as 95 South, Ying Yang Twins, Dru Hill, Lloyd, Jagged Edge and K Michelle. 

There is an undeniable, overall trance-like quality to “Dedicated (Music for Mell).” The intense feeling of the music combined with the subject matter catches the listener right away.

A contemplative, cool backing track keeps the listener feeling safe while an intense flow and heavy lyrics examine the larger feelings of the loss of a loved one. Pretti Emage explicitly states at the tracks opening that the song is dedicated to a band member’s mother who has passed away from breast cancer. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of dedication and mourning. The duo delivers their respect and love with great lyrical expression.

“You’ll always be with me, Guiding and protecting.” There is a very honest, raw feeling in the delivery of the song. “Why?, I’m only 16 and you’re only 42, cryin’ to my brother, man what we gonna do?”

The feeling of the music is reminiscent of the out of body experience one experiences after a deep loss. Busy drum patterns combine with bell chimes, claps, and driving bass lines. A silky smooth guitar pattern combines with a mellow synth lead to create a sound reminiscent of classic Usher tracks.

The vocal layering is the undisputed cornerstone of the song. Effects, processing, overdubbing, call and response lines, and an emotional performance combine to create a hook that is catchy, thick and meditative. Repetition is used brilliantly to keep the tone consistent and drive the message home.

“Dedicated (Music For Mell)” is truly a beautiful memorial and Pretti Emage does an exceptional job conveying the emotions and honoring their loved one.

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