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Preacherman - "Down For Whatever"

Review by Daniel Deprè

“Down For Whatever” is an inspiring and uplifting song with a really strong beat and catchy hooks. There is an impeccable balance of feeling badass but also really chill. The rhythm of the low-end content grooves and it’s perfectly in sync with the beat. Adding another essential layer of rhythm is Preacherman’s rapping which maintains a confident flow and catchy rhythms. With everything going on it is quite busy, but it never loses control and handles all of its moving parts with style and grace. This is the kind of song that will make you feel like you are unstoppable and relentlessly cool.

The lyrics of “Down For Whatever” are about being all in with God. Preacherman uses this to inspire confidence and faith because he feels God has his back. The main hook has a cool vibe, focusing on having a goal and never losing focus on that goal.

“I’m on a mission, send me and I’ll go he know I’ve been with it, fully focused on the prize the target I’ll hit it, walking in the valley of the shadow of death because I am fearless.”

Preacherman’s lyrics express how he goes all the way with life, he has no intention of putting a half-hearted effort into his dreams.

“Soldier in god’s army, that’s part of my purpose, been in the fight for a min and it’s been worth it, I’ll go all out that’s my reasonable service.”

The arrangement pops and it’s so rhythmically interesting. The use of synthetic strings and horns adds to the epic nature of “Down For Whatever”. This also gives it a very cinematic atmosphere. I could see this song working well in an action movie. The sounds of the beat utilize typical trap-style sounds to create an active and constantly changing pulse. In addition to the synthetic orchestral instruments, there are lots of different synths that also primarily focus on rhythm. The mix helps keep this song balanced as all the different elements are aptly separated and panned to create a cohesive percussion bed. “Down For Whatever” is a badass song about faith and determination.

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About Preacherman

Memphis’ Martin Powell, who has adopted the stage name of PreacherMan, is a Christian artist who performs wherever there’s a mic. From the car shows to the club to the church, his voice will be heard and it’s been recognized. He’s the winner of the MicCheck open mic competition, the award recipient of the Juneteenth Best Hip Hop Performer (2015 & 2016), and placed 5th in the Nashville Coast 2 Coast event (2015).


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