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  • Bryon Harris

Pontiac Alley - 'We Got This'

Review by Daniel Deprè & Staff

“We Got This” Is a groovin’ Country Rock jam that radiates positivity and happiness. It is the kind of song that is sure to get you up out of your seat to dance the night away. The up-tempo vibe combined with the dual vocals creates an uplifting nature rarely heard in music nowadays. The guitars are filled with attitude and rock hard while singers Chellanie and Ben Potter sing their hearts out.

The lyrics are largely responsible for how much fun this song is. They are singing about having confidence as a team and they are having a blast while doing it. What is so inspiring about this song is that the lyrics in the verses are describing all the weight life is constantly throwing onto our shoulders. “A stack of bills, a foot high, rubbing nickels, rolling dice, floatin’ checks, borrowed time, I guess we’re staying in again tonight”. Despite these common struggles of life, they continue on in the chorus singing, “It’s all good, it’s all right, might not be paris in the moonlight, but what we’ve got, is so strong”. This is such a wonderful reminder that life isn’t perfect, so we have to appreciate the love in our life and the connections we have. Together we can get through anything.

The arrangement features your classic rock line up with the song turning the heat up early with a very melodic and emotive guitar riff. The guitar also gets to really let it fly after the 2nd chorus with a quick and fiery solo. The drums, bass, and piano provide a buoyant and rock-solid foundation for this song to really kick your psyche into a higher gear. Chellanie and Ben Potter’s voices go together so harmoniously, and you can tell they absolutely love singing with one another. Chellanie often adds some growl into her voice which furthers the songs infectious sense of excitement.

“We Got This” is a reminder to have fun with this life because we only get one and there will always be time to pay those bills later.


About Pontiac Alley

PontiacAlley began right after Ben Potter produced Chellanie's solo record in 2015. A musical connection began and PontiacAlley was born. It started out with Ben working as Chellanie's guitarist on her solo tour but then shortly turned in to a duo and thus became the start of "PontiacAlley". They released "Highway 99" in 2019 and have been working steady since.

For more information on Pontiac Alley, please visit their website.


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