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  • Bryon Harris

Pontiac Alley - 'The Farmer's Daughter's Daddy'

Review by Patrick Joseph

“The Farmer's Daughter's Daddy” is a very fun tune with a killer groove. The lyrics are humorous but the music is no joke. A super solid train beat supports burning electric guitars and tight vocal harmonies. With its catchy chorus and phenomenal instrumental performances, this song is the ultimate head-nodder. Pontiac Alley also do a great job of delivering engaging vocal performances that really bring this song to life.

The lyrics of “The Farmer's Daughter's Daddy” present a twist on the classic “farmer’s daughter” trope. Focusing on a burly, vengeful protector of kin, this song paints a picture of an authority figure you better not cross.

“He's lean and mean a fighting machine, he'll spit right in your eye, he hisses and shakes like a rattlesnake when he runs off all the guys.”

Pontiac Alley know exactly what this song is, and they deliver it with precision.

“Wont make no difference how big you are, or if you think you’re manly, when you’ve met your biggest regret, the farmer’s daughter’s daddy.”

“The Farmer's Daughter's Daddy” offers so many things for listeners to like. The vocal performances are crisp and endearing, the tune is uplifting and fun, and the band is smoking. This song has one of those undeniable grooves that makes you want to move your body. Listeners will also love a rising bass line in the second half of the chorus that adds a classic harmonic dimension to the tune. There is a joy to this music that is infectious. Pontiac Alley hit it out of the park with “The Farmer's Daughter's Daddy,” a raucous, rollicking, good-time anthem with smiles and sass.


About Pontiac Alley

Pontiac Alley is a Nashville based Duo comprised of Ben Potter & Chellanie. They have been performing around Nashville and throughout the US as an acoustic duo as well as with their full band. They started in 2017 right after Ben produced Chellanie's self titled solo album. Their on stage chemistry and vocal harmonies is what sets this duo apart from all others. Their song selection and presentation will keep audiences smiling, laughing and toe tappin' throughout each show. It's also what keeps people coming back for more!!

To learn more about Pontiac Alley visit their website:


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